Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My First Filing of a DMCA Complaint to Google

I filed my first DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) complaint to Google a while ago. I have to teach myself on how to do it and learn it by reading a number of materials online. Since it was my first time, I had a hard time on going about it.

There was one hubber who said that we need to file a letter of complaint to the site owner. I tried to do that by searching the owner's online/IP address. Lo and behold!  I got hold of his email address too.

I cranked out this letter, and sent it to him via Gmail. But this guy is slippery, the email got bumped by Gmail - telling me that this person's email address does not exist.

If I can't reach him, what do I do? The most logical move, is to report him to Google. This guy is the first DMCA complaint that I filed ever since I started with online work. There will be around ten more sites to follow. One fellow is in Korea. I just don't know if he is from the north or the south.

These characters either copy my content word for word or use my name to crank out their lousy articles. It's time to get back at them and give them a beating! They disturb my peace by copying my work and pretending to be me.

I say, enough is enough. This old woman is going to fight back by filing DMCA complaints to all of these rascals, until they grow tired of being booted out by Google.

I am posting this letter online to mark the first time that I filed a DMCA complaint. A feather on my cap, I have arrived!  Lol!

Former students at PLMun- June Yambao, Edgar Eduardo, Rowena Dumalagan with friends at El Nido Resort in Palawan,  Photo grab from FB account of June Yambao

18 June 2014

Mr. Mohammad Afif
I.P. Address: - 337
Domain ID: D50976542-LRMS

Dear Mr. Afif,

SUBJECT: Copyright infringement of your article entitled,"Selling Real Estate Properties to Filipino Expatriates"                                      

I am filing a DMCA complaint with Google regarding an article of mine that was copy-pasted in your site. Your url link follows:

I own the copyright of this article that you infringed upon. This was published in on July 7, 2012. My url with ezine. com follows:

The publication of the said material in your website is not authorized by me, or by any agent that purportedly represents me.

This notification is accurate and serves as a notice of perjury, of my claims for exclusive rights, that you have infringed upon.

Please respond immediately by removing the infringing content as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Consolacion S. Miravite “/s/”

Former students at PLMun with friends at El Nido Resort in Palawan,  Photo grab from
FB account of June Yambao


When I was still in the academe, I used to tell students of mine to be careful with what they post in FB or any social sites. You leave digital marks whenever you post, even if you don't use your real name. There are ways of finding out on who you are.

If you write online, you're traceable. If you copy quotes or post pictures without naming your source, you will get in trouble. If you come across owners like me, I file a DMCA complaint against you, and you get booted out of Google.



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