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Locked Out Of Your Car? - Call A Locksmith Fast!

It’s a most likely scenario that could happen to anyone - even yourself. You're a man on the go and oft to an important meeting in less than an hour. You've checked everything as you dressed up and prepare for work and found everything's in order. But, as you run towards your car, you discover that your car keys are nowhere to be found! Panic sets in as you search all nooks and cranny of your home, but still can't find it anywhere!

If you happen to accidentally lock yourself out of the car, there are a few things that you can do, to wit:

---Try to remember on where you placed the spare key. It can be in the bottom drawer, with your spouse, or a friend. Try giving them a call and have the spare key drop off to your place;

---If you are in an emergency situation, like having a pet or a child locked inside the vehicle, you need to find help immediately. You have several options - call emergency roadside assistance, the local fire brigade or ambulance, or call for an emergency car locksmith near your place;

---If you declare that your car keys have been irretrievably lost or damaged, it is necessary for you to call a professional locksmith to replace your keys;

---A mobile locksmith can help you replace or repair your fob keys on the site. All new car models have a remote fob that can lock and unlock your car without having to insert the key into the ignition switch. You do not have to go back to the manufacturer to have the keys repaired or replace. A reputable locksmith can duplicate microchip keys of any car models right on the spot.

If you happen to drive an older car and have locked your keys inside, you can do the following options, to wit :

--- Call 911. Many people call 911 or the police to help them fix the problem. Sometimes, the police can help you open the car. However, if they are unable to do it, they may call the tow service to get your car off the road. This would mean that you will have to shell out some money for this service. Calling the police should be the last option for you to take since it can cost you a lot of money if the car is towed or damaged.

---Call the Dealer. This is an expensive option as you will have to bring the car to the dealer on a flatbed. That costs lots of money. Replacing lost car keys through the dealer can also be very expensive depending on the type and model of the car.

---Call your locksmith. This is the best option to make when you accidentally locked your keys inside the car. You need to explain to the locksmith the situation and the exact location of your vehicle so they can come immediately. Dealing with a reputable company that is known for their professional technicians is the best option to take in this situation. They can do the work without causing further damage to your car.

Locked Out Of Your Car? - Call A Locksmith

Most people puts in a lot of money in their vehicles. They take care of it like any precious commodity. But during times of emergencies, like losing a car key, some people can have disastrous reactions. They try to open the car themselves using pliers or a clothes hanger or any tool that is nearby. Or worse, is they hire anybody on sight. Thus, they aggravate the situation further - by destroying their precious car in the process.

With the advent of new technology, automakers came up with car models with tightened security features. What this means is that only a trained professional with all the right tools and techniques are capable of opening your car with no apparent damage. Present day locksmith are no fly-by-night operators as they need to invest heavily in tools and equipment. They undergo professional training before they are tasked to work on your car. They may not come cheap, as compared to mobile repairmen, but quality work equates to shelling out a fair market fee for their service.

When you call a professional locksmith, a trained technician responds to your call. He arrives at the site equipped with all the tools of the trade, and ready for any emergency. In many areas across the United States, policemen no longer respond to any lockout calls, unless the situation is an emergency. They are in the know that tampering with your car may only damage it and eventually costs you a lot of money.

Profile of a Professional Locksmith Service Center

---state of the art training facility
---training of technicians with the latest technology
---technicians have uniforms and proper identification---have employees who are thoroughly screened for drugs and background checks
---they arrived in the area using company marked vehicles

So, the next time you are locked out of your car - call a trained locksmith fast! They have the skills and the training to do a superb job at any time of the day or night!

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Best Places to Vacation at Christmas Time

Best Places to Vacation at Christmas Time

Christmas in just around the corner and people often wonder about where to find the best places to vacation at Christmas time. There are basically two places that one can go to and have the most fun. They are --- in Sydney, Australia and in Dubrovnik, Southern Croatia.

Sydney, Australia

Some travelers often say that the best place to spend the holidays is in Australia, where people stay outdoors to enjoy the summer weather. Just a few weeks before Christmas, houses and public places are already decked with Christmas trees, Carols are sung by Candlelight to give solemnity to the season, and festivities are held in local churches and communities. Many Australians spend the holidays at the beach or in camping grounds to enjoy the special Christmas delicacies and to exchange gifts.

Sydney is Australia’s most famous city which inspires people to visit during the Christmas holidays. It is where you find the World Heritage site of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and the Sea Life Aquarium with its unique animals and marine life, and the ever popular Bondi Beach with its turquoise waters, white sands, and gently flowing waves. These beautiful images never fail to attract tourists to this cosmopolitan city to experience its diverse culture, heritage, and its various sporting and cultural events. 

Sydney's Iconic Christmas Feast 

Spending Christmas in Australia is not typical as it comes at the beginning of the hot summer months, where hot roast dinners are not served and cold turkey, ham, seafood, green salads, cold custard pudding, and ice cream are standard fare. The popular Christmas dessert is a meringue-based cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits that are served during parties and gatherings.

There is so much to do in Sydney - you can catch a ferry cruise ride from Sydney Harbour to Manly, or enjoy spectacular events, like Mardi Gras, the Sydney Festival, and the fireworks display on New Year's Eve among many others. Shopping is a delight for many travelers or any local since international brands are available in many trendy malls and boutiques along the city.

Sydney’s streets are festive with bright lights and decors including the digital projections in the historic Martin's Place. To cap the Christmas holidays, visit the night markets for gifts and the Pitt Street Mall to hear angelic Christmas carols.

Dubrovnik, South Croatia

Another must-see place during the Christmas holidays is the enchanted city of Dubrovnik. It is the so-called paradise on earth as well as the Pearl of the Adriatic. It is a stunning city in Southern Croatia, a stone-throw away from the Adriatic Sea. A visit to Dubrovnik is a historic trip into the past. It is known for its Old Town that is encircled by humongous stone walls that were constructed in the 16th century. 

There are many historical buildings and museums in this UNESCO World Heritage site, and going there is like a trip into ancient history. Among the historic structures are the Church of St. Blaise, the Renaissance Sponza Palace, and the Gothic Rector's Palace. The streets are paved with limestone and the plaza is lined up with iconic restaurants and shops.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

There are many accommodations in Dubrovnik, from 1 star to 5-star hotels. Among the more famous ones are The Pucic Palace, Villa Dubrovnik, Royal Princess Hotel, Hotel Kazbek, Grand Villa Argentina, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik Hotel and many others. There are many other hotels in the Old Town and a few more around the town, but they are relatively more expensive. The mid-range hotels or those that are less expensive are found along the Lapad and Babin Kuk Peninsula, situated in the western city of the city. There are many hotels to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Accommodation is never a hindrance to enjoying the Christmas season on this Old Town of Dubrovnik.

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Is Instagram Star Zac Efron Influencing The Use Of Anabolic Steroids?

The beefcake is back - with his buff body and ripped muscles that were posted to his millions of fans and followers on Twitter and Instagram. To get the coveted role of Matt Brody, as a lifeguard in the film Baywarch, Zac Efron had months of intensive training and a strict diet of - no carbs for nine days, no sugar, and only organic protein and vegetables.

The actor is so proud of his well-sculpted body, that he was caught swinging topless from bars and rings into the air, with his biceps bulging, shoulders swelling, and his well-sculpted six-pack abs shown to the max. He was shirtless in a pair gray shorts and American style boxers, that was put on display in some scenes of the film.

Zac's coming out put fears that men in trying to emulate celebrities, could turn to quick fixes like anabolic steroids to transform their lean body frames into a Hollywood beefcake.

So, was Zac on anabolic steroids?

With hard work and smart diets, Zac can bulk up to attain his impressive body frame - no drugs and years of intensive training. However, there are likely pieces of evidence, though unfounded, that he may have used steroids to beef up, to wit:

---it took him months not years to transform, which naysayers say are unlikely;---he trained with Rock, known for steroid use, makes Zac guilty by association;---a more masculine face with wider/blocky chin and jaw are signs of steroid use;---aging face and deeper voice are symptoms of higher testosterone levels;---increased body hair and receding hairline may be due to 5 to 10 times increase in the hormone for building muscle mass.

The verdict based on above allegations is that Zac in on the take.

That’s a sample of allegations that you can’t look like Zac without chemical use. However, there are a few who are voicing out a contrary opinion, to wit:

Zac's look can be achieved naturally, but hard to maintain for a long period of time. It takes hard work, sacrifice, and long periods in the gym. At 28 years old, and 5'8" Zac's body built and age is a great size for bodybuilding. He must be around 170 lbs., when the pictures were taken, a peak condition for most bodybuilders. Peaking is the best physique attainable over a short period of time like a few days. This tapers off to manageable levels since the peak is hard to maintain.

A strong possibility is that Zac peaked for around two weeks to film the ripped muscle scenes, and then reverted to normal physique for the rest of the film. Actors are known to get ripped if they need a body builder's form in their films - like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa. Stallone was known to have an intense body building workout for the fight scenes in Rocky Balboa and eased off during the rest of the film.

We can't discount that Stallone didn't use performance enhancing drugs at that time when he was in his 40's. But, Zac Efren is only 28. For his age and stature, it is easier for him to have that ripped body since he has the funds to hire the right people to help him: a Personal trainer, to schedule his gym time and workout; Full- time Personal Trainer to track down his routine and sees to it that the guy has enough work space and equipment; Chef and Nutritionist to make sure that Zac gets the best food and nutrition, among other people.

How to Look Like Zac Efron

To look like Zac Efron, you need to have the right people to help you every day as well as have the dedication to do strenuous exercises in the gym. You can look like Zac in two to three years if you can follow this strict regimen. You can also do it yourself if you lack the needed resources to make it happen. You just need to put in time, knowledge, and great efforts to change the way you look.

You don't need to take juices for that!

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Wall Street is the so called metonym for the United States financial market. It is a 1.1km strip that traverses from Broadway  to South Street and is home to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Big Board as how NYSE is sometimes called, is the  world’s largest stock exchange and includes other well known bourses like NASDAQ and the New York Mercantile Exchange.  Traders like Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Bernie Madoff among many others are the iconic investment gurus that thrive  on the site.

The unofficial credo of Wall Street is said to be “greed is good.” Nonetheless, the lusting financial markets have now tapered  down, despite of a 30 percent increase in stock market prices; and a bull run that is expected to hold out till the end of the year. Many analysts expected a healthy pull back despite encouraging trends. But, investors were advised to prepare for a  market correction---- or a 5 to 10 percent decline, anytime soon.

Despite the rally in share prices, investors were lukewarm on the uptick; and recalculated their portfolios to include more  blue chip stocks that pay higher dividends. These types of investments have the financial muscle to survive any market  adjustment that may take place in the future.

Greed is good, if you can cover your back to see that you don’t lose your shirt in the process. As per Wall Street lingo, you  only play with money that you can afford to lose.

Here's to better investment opportunities for 2016!


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I am given a special request to write about live streaming. It’s still on my queue and I am just staring at it. The gray area does not want to work anymore. I am tired. I just like to hang loose and do some bubbling. I am too fed up with the techie stuff. It is nice to do something different and lighthearted like this post.

With just four days away, preparations for family celebrations are now in full gear. Everybody is abuzz --- going to and fro, finalizing the last minute details before D-Day. They don’t include me anymore in the preparations. The last time they did, I chopped the “litson” (roasted pig) into small portions and gave it away for the squatter families nearby. After that fiasco, I am out of the most menial task in the kitchen.

So, here I am staring at the blank computer screen, cranking my head to write about live streaming. But nothing comes out. Only nothingness and a blank space.


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It was so vivid that I can almost taste it. I never knew why I dreamt of him when he was the last person (dead or alive) that's on my mind. All I remember was...

I was sitting at one end of the table and he was at the other end. The seating arrangement was odd, as I wondered why we didn't sit beside each other.

I stared at him and notice how big a man he was. I shut my eyes, not accepting what I was seeing. I knew he was a short man (5'2) and of frail constitution. Not bulky or muscular either.

When I opened my eyes, he was still there --- staring back at me. I inquired, "Sir, aren't you  dead already? What are you doing here?" He smiled, and said, "You called for me and brought me back."

I got startled by his response, as I said that he was the farthest from my mind as he had been long dead! He laughed heartily, and with a booming voice replied, "You wakened me from my deep slumber! Okay, pray tell me why am I here?"

I answered meekly, "I didn't send for you, Sir. I was reading the papers with the myriad of problems besetting the country and the brouhaha about the Torre de Manila... And then you popped out!"

I heard him laughed out loud, "You got worried about my tomb and the ills of society, so you sent me back?" And he laughed incessantly not minding my confusion and awe.

At that instant, something hit me in the back. Mom's cat must have heard me moaning, so she jumped on my bed to wake me up! Bwahaha! What a funny dream!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015


I sat at the nearby table, having my fill of newly cooked "pancit" when I noticed the old man talking with the owner of the store, a newly widowed lady in her late 50's. He was holding two viands in a plastic bag and was apparently trying to impress the old woman. From my vantage view, she looked quiet impressed as she refused payment for the viands. He thanked her profusely, until he heard the old woman say for him to wait for the rice that was about to be cooked in a few minutes.

I tried not to stare,  but it was amusing, like looking at a peacock fanning his feathers to attract a peahen. I heard him loud and clear from my side of the table --- how sad it is to be alone with nothing to do. All he does is sleep, eat, drink San Mig beer with friends, and go to the nearby Southmall to watch movies or shop till he drops. I smiled to myself as I begin to attack the chicken balls floating in sweet and spicy sauce. I like the sweetish taste, but I had more fun listening to the old man woo the old woman so early in the morning.

Oh, heavens! It is like watching a porno movie, with the oldies as lead stars. I must have been smiling to myself as I heard the old woman say,  "That's P20  for the rice."  She must have noticed me eavesdropping, that she came into her senses and charged the elderly gigolo his fair share!  

What happened?

That stopped him. He paid the twenty pesos and left the place in a huff!



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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Small Time Investing for Pinoys

A farm hand named, Pepe, who can't hear and talk, but is a good worker.

Most Pinoys have a penchant for small time investment. We like to earn and see our money grow. Most recently I had a change in plans.

Investment with BPI UITF 

I went to the bank to withdraw my UITF investment. I had an error in judgement and I needed more funds for the farm. The bank manager told me that I will lose P1, 200. Can I take it? I stared at her in disbelief! I am an old warrior and losses of this amount won't affect me. It may sting a little, but it won't push me down the edge!

I soon realized that unless you put hundreds of thousands in money market placements, you're not bound to earn much, nor likely to lose much either. You need to make leaps and bounds and not just waddle along to make a difference. I may tinker with it again in the near future to toy around with the numbers. Meantime, it is just brick and mortar activities for me.

Decisions on Buying Farm Equipment

I was faced with the dilemma of whether to buy an additional farm equipment or just rent. I had a pump and a tilling machine repaired and observed its performance during this planting season. My verdict?  Unless, you have a farm hand who is adept in engine repair, you're bound to lose money for repairs over the long haul. Your movement will be limited by the people under your employ.

In mathematical terms, knowing your parameters and the constraints that you are faced with, can help simplify in the decision making to its core. It pays to have a little learning to do the small things, like farming. Hence, my decision is just to lease; I do away with constant repairs, and it gives me less headache.



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God's Little Miracles

Sometimes, when things are not going your way; and you seemed to be having the worst ride... you find God!

It is not seeing Him in person by your side; it is finding things that seemed impossible... but there it is for you to see!

My faith is sometimes questioned when life's journey turns bumpy; and I seemed all alone in fighting life's adversities!

But, God has a way of making His presence known... He lights up a beacon to make me aware that He has never left me!

All for God's glory!

Your humble servant,


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Friday, July 31, 2015


Philippine Rural Life: An Old Woman in the Barrio

I always see her waving at me whenever I was in the farm. She was an old woman who had grown older than her 70 years. She sells several kilos of big head carp, caught at the nearby Laguna de Bay  by her husband.

I am aware that a two kg of fish costing P25 per kilo, would be enough to feed five farmhands for lunch. However, she knew that I seldom eat this specie of fish for health reason. It had too much fat, and it will drive my blood pressure soaring in no time. Nonetheless, I always buy whenever I see her. It made her happy that I buy half of what she carry in that basket ---all the time!

The last time I was there, she decided to back-ride in the motorbike that I was driving. I was reluctant at first, since she looked frail and sickly. But she insisted, and she can save a few pesos by back-riding with me. While coasting along the barrio road, I heard something drop. It was a coin, and she must have dropped it.

I suddenly felt the bike skid to the left, and her falling on the pavement. It was planting season, and many farmers were milling around. They saw her jumped off my bike at that moment. When I asked her why she did that, she showed me the P10 peso coin that she held tightly in her hand.

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The little boy and his friend accompanying his father in tilling the field

Farm work is hard work. However, children see it differently. They see the work as play where they can hop from one field to another and follow their fathers with their big buri hats. Tilling includes --- the "kuliglig" or tilling; "pagong" or  harrowing, and; leveling which is the last stage prior to planting.

The seedbed, which is readied for transplanting in two weeks

The seedbed or "dapogan" where the RC12 seed variety bought from the Department of Agriculture (DA), were initially planted in a rectangular bed before it is transplanted in the field. This usually takes from 15 to 20 days after soaking the palay. Due to the high cost of diesel fuel for the pumps, farmers till, harrow, and level the field a week before transplanting. 

I told the farm hand that not all of the seeds sprouted. I also noticed that the growth was uneven. This is not a good thing and I may need to add chemical fertilizer (urea) to even out the growth. The palay seed was given by the DA at 50 percent discount to farmers in Pila. The other 50 percent was shouldered by the local municipal government. In addition, 15 sacks of organic fertilizer were given free of charge.

Unyok, the friendly and reliable mechanic

It is often said that no farmer can survive without a trusted and reliable mechanic. Whether we like it or not, problems  crop up with the equipment that we use. On our farm, we are ever grateful that we have Unyok (Filipino slang for Junior) to help us out when problems arise. As a token of his kindness, we give him "saging saba" (bananas) every now and then. I promise to give him a sack of rice after the harvest.

Bessie, the sweet cake vendor

I have known this friendly lady as far back as I can remember. Whenever there is work in the farm, she never fails to show up to sell us local "kakanin" or sweet bread like bibingka, suman, puto, palitaw, and other local cakes that she manages to cook that day. Whenever she sees me, she is often sure that I will be buying her stuff to feed the farm folks like the little tot behind, whom we fondly call, Bunso.

Farm caretaker and son pumping water in the field

The farm at Pila, Laguna is not irrigated. Hence, water is pumped by the use of Yanmar pumps like the one above. This equipment was bought 2nd hand, about 10 years ago and it still works perfectly today. However, we had a major overhaul which costs me a few bucks before we were able to use it again. The little boy accompanies his father, after attending school. The farm is his playground; so, he has a vast area to play around with friends.



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FIRE DRILL IN METRO MANILA---Alabang, Muntinlupa City

South Station In Alabang, Muntinupa smoking like crazy


I was on my way to the farm, last Friday, July 24, when I saw the nearby building in Alabang smoking like crazy. I got worried, only to realize that there was a scheduled fire drill in Metro Manila on that day.

It looked like the real thing. But people were not paying any mind to it.

The ordinary Pinoys, like the cigarette vendors on the streets, shouted, "Oh, Ma'am, they are just driving out the mosquitoes--- so we see smoke!"

Smoke increased in intensity after a few seconds

I could only laugh at myself on how we, Filipinos, see humor in every situation --- like a fire drill. There's another one scheduled for an earthquake drill. I wonder how the Pinoys would take it this time.

I hope they don't play dead to mess everything up! This quaint Pinoy attitude is what we call --- "usisero." It is the locals unabated predilection of poking their noses at everything, even if they are not wanted.



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Saturday, June 20, 2015


Vietnamese mangoes in Palawan

The daughter planned it to the minute detail ---Firefly Tour, Museum Tour, Honda Bay, dolphin watching,  and a city tour by ourselves. But, the unexpected can happen. She had a bum stomach on the day of our Honda Bay tour. Kaya ayun, nawala yung splash-splashy waters ko.

I toured the city by myself and found some interesting things and places to go. Like mangoes with pointed ends. The vendor informed me that mangoes from Palawan cannot be taken out of the place since some farms are infected with pests. Hence, the local government banned all mangoes from going out of Palawan. We can only consume the fruits when we are in the city. Matamis siya at wala naman uod!

I bought a bottle of honey from the seller of a homegrown bee farm, and they taste delicious unlike the ones that we buy in Manila. It's fresh and I had a good time spiking my coffee with it. However,the airport team had me transfer the honey to a plastic bottle. They don't allow bottles in the plane, among other things. I got blimped too, when I entered the inspection unit, and had to remove my watch to get passed it. 

Cats in the dining area of Natua Cabin
My daughter is a cat person and they instinctively follow her wherever she is  --- UP Dorm, the house at Las Pinas, and in the Palawan Lodging house where we stayed. These two cats followed her around whenever we have breakfast. They purr contentedly whenever she feeds them. At home, she has cats and a big dog to play around with. Being an only child, she had pet animals for playmates. She was fondly called --- Mari-cat, when she was a toddler due to her fondness for felines.


Native bag for pasalubong
We bought pasalubong - t-shirts, knick-knacks, bags, and tsitsiria for everybody back home. So, we needed a big bag to carry all the stuff. We had to handcarry everything to get out of the airport fast. This nifty bag is great to stuff all things for only P200.

A stall  selling differents products

When we  arrived  around lunch time, June  15, there  was a parade  along  the main road. There was a singing contest and a rock session in the evening. Stalls were found in the area selling indigenous products. The festival was aptly named, "Baragatan sa Palawan" --- meaning, a meeting place of townfolks to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

The festive entryway to the Baragatan Festival in the Capitolyo.

The City Hall became a showcase for the products of the entire province ---- wood carvings, accessories/ pearls, dried fish, fruits, local delicacies, and many other things.
Stall from Cuyo. --- very filipino!
Cuyo stall - frontside

Wood carvings on display in one of the stalls

We didn't have a schedule for a day tour, as we planned to roam around the place by ourselves. But, the Honda Bay tour was cancelled (due to daughter's tummy ache), so we joined the day tour instead.What can I say?  It was fun!

More pics to follow...   :)


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Friday, June 12, 2015


Old house in the town with the Philippine flag, in observance of Independence Day 

Pila is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark by the Philippine Historic Institute in May 17, 2000. The town was cited as the center of culture and trade during the pre-Hispanic era and considered as one of the country's oldest town.

The Municipal Government or the Munisipyo

The  local municipal goverrnment is situated near the town plaza.It was renovated a few years back and depics the olden structure look, which is typical of the place. Buntings surround the buiding in preparation for the June 12 Philippine Independence Day.

The town plaza
The town plaza is at the center of commerce, church and the local government.Rustic and olden houses surround the area. The place looks like a trip to the olden days, where time stood still.

The plaza is  infront of the school - Liceo de Pila. 
The secondary school --- Liceo de Pila is just across the town plaza.Iterant vendors selling street foods and fruits are found near the school. The court serves as a recreation area for kids to play basketball.

Historic houses  that are well-preserved still exist in this town

Going to this place is like a walk back to the turn of the century. Olden houses can be found along the main thoroughfare and in the secondary streets of the town.

Mode of transportation --- jeepneys and tricycles

Jeepneys ply the streets and tricycles go to the innermost barrios and sitios. However,new developments were introduced--- like having a 7-11 store and a Mercury Drugstore at the center of the town. Let us hope that no other modern structures are added to destroy the quaintness of the place.

The plaza as school playground

The plaza is used as recreation area by students of nearby schools. You can see them playing volleyball and badminton. Some use it as a study area --- doing their assignments and discussing school activites.

The small town of Pila, Laguna is pulsing with activities.It is full of life and grandiosity like any grand old dame of the pre-war era!

It i just a bus trip away Come and visit!



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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Women of Pila, Laguna

Women Vendors in Pila,Laguna

The Women of Farmfolks

Pila, Laguna is a small town of different types of women from various region in the Philippines.

My long time sidekick is a 70 year old Ilocana, fondly called Manang Belen by everybody. She is a comic and a hard worker, as Ilocanos are known for.

The 70 year old sidekick, dancing the macarena

If there is a war, you could not think of a better ally than this irrepressible woman. In an armed combat, this spunky old woman, would come prepared in a full battle gear of bolo and balisong --- ready to stand by your side. You can say, that she is Gabriella Silang come to life.

Gabriela Silang of the South,Manang Belen

When I said that I wanted to take her photo, she jumped out of her chair and danced the macarena --- to everybody's consternation! What a comic! She laughed out loud, and said, that she can still do a mean cha-cha and beat everyone!

Maple, is a young mother of 19, from Dumaguete, and is about to give birth to another child in four months time. Her mother, Wilma, is the wife of the family caretaker, Willy. She is a refreshing present whenever I am around.

Maple, 19 year old mother

At the Patio Sophia of the town proper, are several women who sells fish in tamarind, and; shrimps, taro leaves, and dulong in coconut milk. You can buy these viands from  P10 to P50. Salted eggs are sold cheap at P10 a piece.

What an exhilarating trip to the south --- as always!


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