Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Historic Symbols of UP Diliman: UP Carillon

Going to UP Diliman is like taking a walk into its historic past. No other structure can symbolize UP more (other than the Oblation) than the towering 130 feet carillon.

The UP carillon consists of 36 newly installed stationary bells that are sounded off using a computerized mechanism. The sound, marks off each hour of the day and plays music every 5pm.

The initial bell carillon was inaugurated in 1952 by then President Elpidio Quirino. It was built under the supervision of renowned architect and National Artist (1973), Juan Napkil.

Forty six bells were initially installed, with the largest bell weighing five tons. This was recently replaced by thirty six new bells that can be played automatically at pre-set hours.

Recently, I had the chance to visit this historic symbol and noted the changes that were made over the years. It looks better now and the ringing of the bells at 3pm (the time I was there) was uplifting and glorious.

One of the donors, former Mayor Jejomar Binay

There is just one addition  that made us (daughter and I) aware of present realities. At the bottom part of the structure were the spiked adverts of its donors --- one of them was there in bold print, and cast in stone: Jejomar Binay, Mayor of Makati!

Political realities can sometimes be amusing!

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Ang Bahay ng Alumni at UP, Diliman

Many articles have been written about the quaint little restaurants at the Bahay ng Alumni in UP. My daughter and I though, have not been there, since we always go to the Dilimall to have our choices of cuisine ---either Japanese, Chinese, and Pinoy.

We have no problem with that until recently, when we became more adventurous to try new things. After having our fill from the restos in Masagana Street, we decided to try another eating venue at UP's---Ang Bahay ng Alumni.

There are three restaurants on the site that were all opened at that time (around lunch time). We looked at the place, menu, and the price --- if we can afford it. The prices were affordable: not that high, but not that low either.

The three restos have iconic names: Art Circle Cafe, Chocolate Kiss Cafe, and ROC. We choose the latter, since there were not so many diners as the others, and it looked quaint enough for the daughter and me.

The ROC at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman

We choose to have their menu for the day: green salad and squash soup. Nothing heavy since we have already dined in two other places in Masagana Street. When our orders arrived, we got surprised with the size of the salad plate. It was good for two to three persons.

Green Salad at ROC

Additionally, the soup too was served in a large bowl that was good enough for both of us.The salad was really fantastic! We like the combination of spices and greens, and with a dash of Olive oil. Notwithstanding, the squash soup, did not taste anything like squash, but of a superb soup concoction that must have been painstakingly put together.

Squash Soup with Spicy Biscuit at ROC
What can I say? It was a marvelous meal! We are tempted to go back some time in the future to partake of that wondrous cuisine again.

A bust of the Inang Bayan keeps watch of the place

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