Saturday, June 20, 2015


Vietnamese mangoes in Palawan

The daughter planned it to the minute detail ---Firefly Tour, Museum Tour, Honda Bay, dolphin watching,  and a city tour by ourselves. But, the unexpected can happen. She had a bum stomach on the day of our Honda Bay tour. Kaya ayun, nawala yung splash-splashy waters ko.

I toured the city by myself and found some interesting things and places to go. Like mangoes with pointed ends. The vendor informed me that mangoes from Palawan cannot be taken out of the place since some farms are infected with pests. Hence, the local government banned all mangoes from going out of Palawan. We can only consume the fruits when we are in the city. Matamis siya at wala naman uod!

I bought a bottle of honey from the seller of a homegrown bee farm, and they taste delicious unlike the ones that we buy in Manila. It's fresh and I had a good time spiking my coffee with it. However,the airport team had me transfer the honey to a plastic bottle. They don't allow bottles in the plane, among other things. I got blimped too, when I entered the inspection unit, and had to remove my watch to get passed it. 

Cats in the dining area of Natua Cabin
My daughter is a cat person and they instinctively follow her wherever she is  --- UP Dorm, the house at Las Pinas, and in the Palawan Lodging house where we stayed. These two cats followed her around whenever we have breakfast. They purr contentedly whenever she feeds them. At home, she has cats and a big dog to play around with. Being an only child, she had pet animals for playmates. She was fondly called --- Mari-cat, when she was a toddler due to her fondness for felines.


Native bag for pasalubong
We bought pasalubong - t-shirts, knick-knacks, bags, and tsitsiria for everybody back home. So, we needed a big bag to carry all the stuff. We had to handcarry everything to get out of the airport fast. This nifty bag is great to stuff all things for only P200.

A stall  selling differents products

When we  arrived  around lunch time, June  15, there  was a parade  along  the main road. There was a singing contest and a rock session in the evening. Stalls were found in the area selling indigenous products. The festival was aptly named, "Baragatan sa Palawan" --- meaning, a meeting place of townfolks to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

The festive entryway to the Baragatan Festival in the Capitolyo.

The City Hall became a showcase for the products of the entire province ---- wood carvings, accessories/ pearls, dried fish, fruits, local delicacies, and many other things.
Stall from Cuyo. --- very filipino!
Cuyo stall - frontside

Wood carvings on display in one of the stalls

We didn't have a schedule for a day tour, as we planned to roam around the place by ourselves. But, the Honda Bay tour was cancelled (due to daughter's tummy ache), so we joined the day tour instead.What can I say?  It was fun!

More pics to follow...   :)


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Friday, June 12, 2015


Old house in the town with the Philippine flag, in observance of Independence Day 

Pila is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark by the Philippine Historic Institute in May 17, 2000. The town was cited as the center of culture and trade during the pre-Hispanic era and considered as one of the country's oldest town.

The Municipal Government or the Munisipyo

The  local municipal goverrnment is situated near the town plaza.It was renovated a few years back and depics the olden structure look, which is typical of the place. Buntings surround the buiding in preparation for the June 12 Philippine Independence Day.

The town plaza
The town plaza is at the center of commerce, church and the local government.Rustic and olden houses surround the area. The place looks like a trip to the olden days, where time stood still.

The plaza is  infront of the school - Liceo de Pila. 
The secondary school --- Liceo de Pila is just across the town plaza.Iterant vendors selling street foods and fruits are found near the school. The court serves as a recreation area for kids to play basketball.

Historic houses  that are well-preserved still exist in this town

Going to this place is like a walk back to the turn of the century. Olden houses can be found along the main thoroughfare and in the secondary streets of the town.

Mode of transportation --- jeepneys and tricycles

Jeepneys ply the streets and tricycles go to the innermost barrios and sitios. However,new developments were introduced--- like having a 7-11 store and a Mercury Drugstore at the center of the town. Let us hope that no other modern structures are added to destroy the quaintness of the place.

The plaza as school playground

The plaza is used as recreation area by students of nearby schools. You can see them playing volleyball and badminton. Some use it as a study area --- doing their assignments and discussing school activites.

The small town of Pila, Laguna is pulsing with activities.It is full of life and grandiosity like any grand old dame of the pre-war era!

It i just a bus trip away Come and visit!



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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Women of Pila, Laguna

Women Vendors in Pila,Laguna

The Women of Farmfolks

Pila, Laguna is a small town of different types of women from various region in the Philippines.

My long time sidekick is a 70 year old Ilocana, fondly called Manang Belen by everybody. She is a comic and a hard worker, as Ilocanos are known for.

The 70 year old sidekick, dancing the macarena

If there is a war, you could not think of a better ally than this irrepressible woman. In an armed combat, this spunky old woman, would come prepared in a full battle gear of bolo and balisong --- ready to stand by your side. You can say, that she is Gabriella Silang come to life.

Gabriela Silang of the South,Manang Belen

When I said that I wanted to take her photo, she jumped out of her chair and danced the macarena --- to everybody's consternation! What a comic! She laughed out loud, and said, that she can still do a mean cha-cha and beat everyone!

Maple, is a young mother of 19, from Dumaguete, and is about to give birth to another child in four months time. Her mother, Wilma, is the wife of the family caretaker, Willy. She is a refreshing present whenever I am around.

Maple, 19 year old mother

At the Patio Sophia of the town proper, are several women who sells fish in tamarind, and; shrimps, taro leaves, and dulong in coconut milk. You can buy these viands from  P10 to P50. Salted eggs are sold cheap at P10 a piece.

What an exhilarating trip to the south --- as always!


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