Monday, April 27, 2015

Hot Momma for a Friend

Hot Mommas can be a real friend, but can be a  pest, too!
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Hot Momma is a maverick of a friend, who gives me hell at the most inappropriate time. She is a next door neighbor, whose recreation revolves around to pestering me at every chance she's got!

A few days ago, while going about my business, I saw...

One writer who came out with a post about things that we can write about. It was a magazine type listing that anyone can use in coming up with his articles – in case he runs out of ideas.

I commented, that I never run out of ideas. My life is full of materials that all I do is cannibalize it, if there is nothing sensible to write about. I don’t say that my life is sensible: but, since it's the only one I got ---  I define the world as how I define myself.

Dealing with Hot Momma can be a pain at times.
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I had this assignment that kept me busy the last few days. Today, my time runs out as I still lack ten articles that I needed to write. I sent an e-mail to the client to extend my time for another two days. I have no response yet, so I cranked out this rant.

Why didn’t I finish? Well, I have friends, that for lack of better things to do, make it a point to come barging in,  to give me hell! One of them is a character, whom I call ---Hot Mamma! When she came to know that I was writing about Christian prayers, she looked around to see, if I was burning! She said, that all the prayers were enough to fry me alive! Lol!

I sometimes threaten her with bodily harm (like cutting off her wig) if she does not stop pestering me. She just laughs if off and says, that my world will be dull and gray without her!

Come to think of it, this pesky character, who loves to being called "Hot Momma"  is right! :D



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Problems with Plagiarism in Online Content

View of Tagaytay Highlands
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Writing portals are faced with plagiarism in online content many times. This morning, I rested for a little while, and decided to read several business articles on one site. I noticed two to three posters doing superb work on financial investments and stock trading. Since I do a lot of work on this niche, I decided to go over their work. They were superb! I have not seen anything like it except on the Economic Review or the Washington Post.

What I did next was to look at the profile pages and see the background of the writers. I read  their previous postings so as to know more about them. There was nothing said in their profile. I noticed that one writer has a different writing style for every post, and that made me wonder if he wrote all of the articles himself.

The other one came up with such superb work, that I knew  right away that I have read them somewhere. Voila! The plagiarism checker revealed that it was copied from the internet ---verbatim. If you are 24 years old, with no track record in finance work, and writes like the financial gurus of Wall Street ---nobody is going to believe you. It’s either you are a financial whiz, or you copied the whole darned thing from cyberspace!

Old Ifugao carving of a man counting his produce
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These types of online submissions should have been rejected outright. I don’t think Google is going to like them over the long term. Having so many problematic contents at one portal is a dangerous thing. With the recent Google Panda update, the presence of numerous plagiarized content on a site would be detrimental --- like, having their Adsense removed.

Let us hope that writing sites install an auto –check feature that would stop problematic contents from being submitted. Plagiarism is a blatant insult to the reader and the entire writing community.

Have a good day everyone! :)

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