Monday, May 18, 2015

Creative Kids Studio at the Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

I went to the Alabang Town Center, yesterday, May 17 to see if there's anything new. I came across an exhibit from the Creative Kids Studio and they were impressive! I had fun taking pictures of all the things that were on display. Among those that struck my fancy were...

There were myriads of colors with three dimensional embellishments that gave them an added oomph. 

Any kid would love playing with this multicolored horse. But I think, this was just for display as it was made up of papier mache..

This was a display made up of real things ---chair, 3 dimensional artworks, and a stool  that were all beautifully colored.

This would have been a child's ultimate universe --- a play of colors and a wild imagination where nothing is impossible.

A closer view of the ultimate universe --- where everything is perfect as seen from a child's eye.

The heavenly bodies all in wanton abandon!

Star light, star bright, first star that I've seen tonight. I wish I were, I wish I might, have that wish I've wish tonight....:)

Taya-taya pung!  Talo ka!

Where can the heavens be? Where all I do is play and with myriad colors all around me!

The exhihit was like a child's playroom where everything was simply wonderful!

A candy colored chair, but you can't sit on it. The ice cone looks delicious, though!

Another chair that looks delicious. How creative!

A Filipino kiddie song about a child wanting a balloon. 

Another rhyming song about counting---creatively done in a way that a child will appreciate it.



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El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center,

El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center Muntinlupa City

I have been to El Presidente a few months back and I remembered not liking what I ordered then. I paid P99 for a spicy chicken dish, and it was too sweet for my comfort. Filipinos are known to like a sprinkle of sugar in most dishes --- the reason why the sweetish Jollibee burgers are first in the Filipino palate, as compared to the bland McDonalds burgers.

I was looking forward to a brunch at Tim Ho Wan with my daughter in SM Megamall yesterday, when she again gave me a rain check. She had special projects from one site and she can't spare a few hours for a lunch-out. I hope she earns much this time, so she can pay for brunch next time. 

Nonetheless, I promised myself to have fun and went to the nearby Alabang Town Center to have lunch at North Park or the Vietnamese Restaurant near it. To my dismay, all restaurants at the ground floor level were full of diners. I have no other recourse but to go to the food court where there were less people.

El Presidente of Binondo

The stall was all in red/gold and fully lighted. The food display looked palatable and nicely presented. I decided to order two viands, with shrimp cracklings and a piece of butsi, for P150. The server said that I can have my pick of the viands: so, I chose the sweet and sour fish with bean curd, and fried fish fillet with seasoned vinegar.

One of the servers took notice of me and smiled. She must have observed on how I looked at the selections and have concluded that I was one of those pesky bloggers who peppered cyberspace with food reviews. Oh, how right she was! I then noticed that she carefully selected the cuttings of the fish to place on my plate and I felt that it was more than ample for my serving. Hah! Trying to get into my good graces!

Sweet and Sour Fish/ Fried Fish Fillet, with shrimpt cracklings and butsi

What can I say?

The sweet and sour fish has a piquant taste --- not that sweet but with the right seasoning like those in the Binondo area. I liked the bean curd, not too soft nor over fried. The fried fish fillet was seasoned with Chinese spices, not merely salted. They were good and tasted like the ones that I've tried in Chinatown. The portions were big, that it took me an hour to finish it. Had my daughter been there, we could have ordered one dish, and it would have been enough for both of us.


I guess, since the Alabang Town Center caters to the middle and upper middle class groups, food stalls are more careful in food preparation and presentation. Most customers must have tried food from high end restaurants and know about how the food should taste like. Hence, no short cuts and only the best value for money should be serve, to customers with discriminating taste.

My Rating: 4 Stars 




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