Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bringing Children to Church

I went to church by my lonesome self this afternoon. But before hearing mass, I passed by the isaw-isaw stall of Kuya Krom, which is just within the church perimeter.

While sitting comfortably in one chair and after having placed my order, I noticed one little girl of about two years old, who sat at another table. Apparently, she is an only child as can be seen on how
her mom and dad dotes on her.

She is a precocious little girl, and babbled continuously on other children who were sitting so far away from her. When her friendliness got rebuffed, she turned her attention to a nearby cat. She cooed,

"Cat-cat, come here!"

I suddenly remembered this cooing, as this was the same come-on that my daughter used at that age. I smiled knowingly, and was oft to church. But, I saw this little girl again, being a handful while her parents heard mass. I saw both tiny feet on her father's ears and at the same time pulling her mother's hair!

Ohlalah! It was hilarious!

Personally, I didn't bring my child to church at that age. My fear was that, she might babble with her loud baby voice during the sermon---to respond to the priest. She did this earlier while watching Kris Aquino on television and talked to her non-stop.

With a loud baby voice, she blabbered back to Krissy...

"beeww beee bee weweiiweee. menooweeewshownewnew....lewlewlbew."

As I remember, this went on and on until Kris Aquino went off the air.If this were to happen in church, I may have died in shame! Just imagine, a baby girl blabbering away,  like there is no tomorrow!

I'll be honest that my greatest fear, was --- what if she sings as the chorale sings the Alleluia? Holy Banana! I can just imagine the scenario that may have gone this way with her as part of the chorus... (Her version of the Baa, baa Blacksheep)

Baaah, baaah blatt ship,
Ani ani wuuul,
Yet ter, yet ter,
Treee batsss pul,
An porrr de maaater,
An porrr de baaayy,
An porrr a leetell ger,
Liiibbss doowwnn hae,
Baaah, baaah blatt ship,
Ani ani wuuul,
Yet ter, yet ter,
Treee batsss pul!

Oh my God, just imagine that?

And believe me, my little girl could have pulled that off in a jiffy!

Why do I know?

When we were in the supermarket a few months after, while she was placed inside the shopping cart, she blurted out in a song with all aplomb...


followed by:

Sa, dawa, tatlo, apat, lima....



Never bring children when they are still so little, like below 3 years old in church. You never how handful they can be---when you are in your most prayerful mood!


Photo credit: Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License


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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Reason Why I Will NOT Go to the Ocean Park, Manila

Photo credit: by Nemo/Public Domain CCO

A few days back, I asked my daughter, Maricat, to go check out the tickets for the Ocean Park in Manila. I have read in one of their fliers that they are giving up to 70% discount in ticket sales. As we have not gone to the place yet, I said to her that this may be the best time to go.

I got an e-mail from her early this morning, which says...

"Patsy,* wag na tayo punta Ocean Park. May napanood ako na documentary kagabi sa UP. Yung mga dolphins at killer whales para ma-train sila, ginugutom sila palagi tapos kinukulong sa maliit na pool. Tapos yung mga baby whales hinihiwalay sa mommy whales. Kawawa naman. Kain na lang tayo dun sa Tim Ho Wan Restaurant sa Megamall."

She added, 

"Eto yung pinanood ko oh, title ay "Blackfish"

Kawawa yung mga whales at dolphins :(

Kelan tayo punta Tim Ho Wan Restaurant?"

(Patsy*, let's not go to the Ocean Park. I saw a documentary at UP last night. How they train the dolphins and killer whales, is by making them always hungry. The animals are also confined in small pools and the baby whales are separated from the mommy whales. Such a pity. Let us just go to the Tim Ho Wan Restaurant at Megamall, instead.)

She added,

"This documentary was titled---Blackfish. The whales and dolphins looked pitiable. When do we go to Tim Ho Wan Restaurant?"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 7-11 Store at BF Almanza, Las Pinas City

7-11 Store at BF Almanza, Las Pinas City

Outside of the subdivision where I live, is a 7-11 store where I buy some of the things that I need. That would include, the daily newspaper (Philippine Daily Inquirer), instant coffee drinks with hazelnut/mocha flavor, siopao or donuts, and the P15 ice cream cone with a choice of Choco or Ube flavor.

Of course, that is also where I buy Maling meat loaf, pork and beans, canned tuna, and other needs like laundry soap and fabric softeners. The people manning the store know that whenever I come in --- I buy a few things, read the daily newspaper, and munch a siopao with my liter of mineral water, while sitting comfortably in the snack area.

You can say, that I am one of their regulars whom they oftentimes see around. I go to the store too to buy my Sun Broadband cards, which cost me a thousand pesos a month. They often tell me that I am their number one buyer of Sun Broadband cards. I tell them that I am a writer and I am always online; hence, my apparent need for internet broadband cards.

The 7-11 flyer outside the store

The store has a fully functioning air-conditioning unit that makes it cool to sit around and relax. It is manned by a pool of friendly staff and a place where I go to before I do other things. Having a 7-11 store outside the subdivision is a good business idea as it gets a free flow of customers from the nearby subdivision.

However, there is also the so-called risk of the trade. The other day, a dishevelled man entered the store and ran amuck inside. He was cursing and shouting, and the staff just stared and unable to do anything about it. Since the store does not have a security guard during the daytime, the all girl staff was petrified and unable to do anything. What I did was ran outside and called for help.

Apparently that same man, have always entered the store, but does not do anything drastic. But that is beyond the point and I feel that the store owners should do something about it. If I come across the same incident again, I will not take it sitting down. I would write the store owners and file a letter of  complaint. There is something very wrong with how they run the business if they would not act on it immediately.


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Tricycle driver with a tablet on his dashboard

I often hear both young and old women complain about the roving eye of their better halves or significant other. Filipino males of whatever persuasion, have the tendency to pursue anybody who catch their fancy.

This specie, with even an iota of rugged handsomeness in them, would have the spunk to believe that they are God's gift to women. Mind you, I say women --- in plural form. So, for a hunk of a husband, what has the missus got to do?

The answer is, technology!

On my way to the fruit stall outside of the subdivision, I came across a tricycle with a middle aged man driving it. As most of these drivers know the residents of the place,it was not unusual for me to strike a conversation with them.

However, this particular gigolo, suddenly made cooing sounds to somebody when there was only an old woman around --- me! Lol! I was petrified, and asked him indignantly, "To whom are you talking to? There is no one around!"

He smiled at me bemused and pointed at the gadget in front of him. It was a tablet that was snugly placed in his dashboard, and he replied, " It is my wife Ma'am. We are on Skype."

I laughed out loud that the wife had found a way of keeping track on the whereabouts of this "handsome" fellow. Believe me, I could not have thought of that in a million years!



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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Jeepney in Chinatown

I took a jeepney from Vito Cruz to Binondo this morning. I was on my way to Chinatown to take some pictures and sample the food that were mentioned in Rappler a few days ago.

While on the jeepney, I noticed two elderly ladies talking animatedly. They were nicely dressed --- dapper-looking attire, nice bags, and a little jewelry by way of a necklace, ring, and earrings.

All of a sudden, I saw a young man sitting on the wayside suddenly stood up and approached the woman facing me. He moved fast and held both of her ears. I then heard a piercing shout from her, and I thought that she must have been hurt.

She told us that the man grabbed both her earrings that were clip-ons. Those were a pearl jewelry set, consisting of a necklace and ring that she was still wearing at that time, and it cost her around P20,000.

Well, it really looked expensive and I wonder why she wore it in the first place. It was good that the robber did not get her bag and other jewelries.

This all took place in broad daylight with many people milling around. Robberies in public transport are now becoming rampant with the coming Christmas season, and some people may now be that desperate.

Please be careful when you are out in the streets. Never dress up in a way that would call attention to yourself. Always keep watch on where you are going and look around, as somebody can just jump in on you; and before you know it, you have just been robbed!


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rustic Life of a Filipino Farmer

Newly planted Palay
The onset of the rainy months triggers the planting season in the Philippines by farmers in the  Region Four of Laguna. The season is a welcome respite for farmers whose farms are not irrigated, since the rains would mean enough water in the fields until harvest time.

However, this season would also mean more pest and rats on the fields. As a consequence, farmers don't usually put in that much inputs in the form of fertilizers, labor and pesticides. It has been experienced several times that the yield during the rainy months is lower that those in summer months.

Caretakers-farmers of the farm, Willy and Zaldy

There are times too that the fields may be submerged in floodwaters with farmers losing their investments in the process. Hence, we say that farming is akin to gambling, since you cannot tell with certainty on what will happen in the future.

The planting technique during the rainy months is different from that in the summer. Farmers cannot plant sweet smelling rice like Bordagol, that would attract rats. Rice varieties should also be tolerant of flood waters and be harvestable in 3 1/2 months. The reason behind it is, so you can harvest right away and not exposed the field to further risk.

Caretaker's wife,  Wilma and child,  keep watch of the place
Planting should be in coordination with your neighbors, as those who plant first or last,  may experience the onslaught of rats, pests, and Maya birds that could lead to insurmountable losses. Planting is a scary endeavor if you do not plan ahead, since you don't know how mother nature will play it out in the next few months.

I am doing a study of farm techniques, financing, and support from the local government. It will be submitted to HubPages, a portal where I submit my more serious work on the Philippine economy and politics. Meanwhile, I have collated pictures that will go with my articles and among them are posted on this article.

Caretaker's Panabong lined the pathway

Roadside eatery of the town where choices of viands abound

Dining area of roadside eatery, very informal with local motif


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Food Cravings of the Elderly

I often wonder why my 79 year old mother always craves for food. But if you give her food, she would just nibble on it. She is a picky eater, so I often wonder why this incessant craving for food.

I am not big on food either, as I eat whatever is within my reach. If hungry, I drink coffee, eat a banana, or any food that's just nearby.

I don't have cravings nor do I go out of my way  to eat a particular kind of  food. My mom's incessant food demands that she won't even eat, makes me go crazy. I can't understand it and makes me go ballistic --- just like this morning.

I say to her, that we buy biscuits and fruits and put them in a table near her. If she gets hungry, she can just grab anything she likes and munch on it as much as she wants.

I don't think that she is even hungry, and these demands are just her psychological need for attention.  I think, that as you get older, food becomes unimportant. It  simply becomes a means to drive  the hunger pangs away.


It finally dawned on me that my mom's urgent need for food early in the morning, is so she can feed her cats! Whoa! I now realized that taking care of an elderly parent, would also include feeding her pets of three cats and a dog!

Now, go tell that to the birds! :D

Photo credit: by Surfeliper/Public Domain CCO


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going Gaga on Takoyaki

Takoyaki stall in Metropolis Mall, Muntinlupa City

Filipinos are fond of eating out. Anyone can come up with this conclusion if he sees the numerous food stalls lining up the malls, train stations, and every nook and cranny of the metropolis.

Among the food trips enjoyed by everyone is the Japanese-inspired Takoyaki. These are small chewy balls with snippets of squids and vegetables on the insides.  It is usually topped with mayonnaise and sprinkled with powdered condiments before being served.

How it is cooked is a feast for the eyes. The ones in the malls would have a rectangular plate with small concave indentions of around 100 holes. The balls can be cooked by dropping the flour-like mixture into these holes, and when half-cooked, the vegetables and squid are placed in the middle. Halfway through the cooking, a topping of the flour-like mixture is again poured to create small balls that can be eaten as soon as it’s off the plate.

This is an acquired taste as far as I am concerned. My daughter introduced me to this fast-food concoction and I became an instant convert. I always look for Takoyaki stalls whenever I am out of the house and have my fill whenever I see them. I have gotten used to the queasy concoction and spicy taste that makes me salivate after partaking of this luscious delight.

Takoyaki comes cheap, costing around $0.70 cents for four mushy balls. I am able to finish two servings of eight balls in one sitting, with no difficulty.  It is one street food that most Filipinos now enjoy and embrace  it as one of their very own. 


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Supermoon and Heavenly Apparitions

The Supermoon Phenomenon

The Supermoon was coined in 1979 by Richard Nolte, an astrologer which describes the occurrence when the Moon is at its nearest point to the earth. What results is a phenomenon that is seldom seen --- an eerily large moon whose brilliance is about 30 percent more than the ordinary full moon. 

There are strange beliefs that scares some people--- that since man and other living things are mostly made up water, the gravitational pull of the moon may cause the body to react negatively. They fear that it may exacerbate the lunacy and weird behavior in people and other living creatures. Hence, the occurrence of the Supermoon, which happens from four to six times in a year makes people extremely scared. 

The last extreme occurrence happened in March 19, 2011 and the supermoon in 2014 is not expected to be as brilliant as this last known occurrence. 

Supermoon Photos by a Neophyte Photographer

I woke up early --- at around 1 to 2am on August 10 to take pictures of the Supermoon. When I focused my Nikon S100 camera on the bright moon, I got amazed by its brilliance in the dark sky. The moon was brighter than anything that I ever saw.  There were dark spots, that was seen through the naked eye and it looked very eerie.

When I took my first shot, I got surprised that what came out was the number “7.” I must have moved the camera at an angle, but seeing a brightly lighted number seven in the sky was a most humbling experience. Being God-fearing, I felt that the Lord Almighty must be giving me a sign.

Many friends said that it was God’s number which meant --- perfection or completion. I tried to understand what it really meant, fearing that it may be something ominous. Maybe, God was telling me that I have to do another endeavor or that my work on earth is already complete. Oh, how morbid!

Holy Almighty One! I am far from the finish line and I still have lots of things to do. I hope, that what it really means is another line of work that I have to concentrate on.

What happened on that day?

In the Philippines, one city suspended operations in the locality because of the high tide. Nonetheless, no other incidents like volcanic eruptions or of lunatics prowling the countryside or the city were reported. It was business as usual. 

Well, I hope it stays that way!


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