Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Modus Operandi of Budol-Budol Gang In Las Pinas City

Las Pinas General Hospital and Trauma Center
Photo credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/ by Charles Boris Manez

Tne Budol-Budol Gang (crime syndicates) that has been plaguing Metro Manila, has reared its ugly in Las Pinas City, where I reside. This morning, I went out to buy a few things in the nearby mall. As it is just a few meters away from the entrance to our subdivision, I opted to walk along the side streets of the national highway, walking slowly as I am prone to do. While on my way, I bumped into  a distraught woman, who inquired about where to find a certain store. I must have looked friendly and unsophisticated, that she choose me from among the people traversing the streets. 

She said further, that she had already spent P300 for taxi fare, and was fooled by the taxi driver, so she had to walk as she had no more money left. I knew that something was amiss, since the locals would normally take a jeepney to find a place, and not ride a taxi cab. The latter is not practical, and you spend more since the flag down rate is more expensive than the jeepney fare.

Besides, the  jeepney would have other passengers who  can tell you about where to drop off. Hence, this mode of transportation is cheaper and safer. The woman wanted me to accompany her to the place, which she said,  was just along the highway. I smelled something fishy, and looked around to find  a police officer. I saw one at the corner of the street and told her to inquire from him. 

Members of Budol-Budol Gang before being imprisoned
Photo credit: liveinthephilippines.com

At the next instant, two women stopped by, to inform us on where to find the place. At this juncture, I knew that something was fishy. This is a budol-budol gang who was out for a grab, and with me as their target. I moved out of there immediately, and told the two women to just accompany her since they know the place better.

I left hastily and never turned back to see on what they did after that. Nonetheless, I never saw them following my route, which they pinpointed as where the place is. That just confirmed my suspicion that it was a budol-budol gang in operation. They are now plying the streets of Las Pinas City to look for people to victimize. 

The moral of the story: Better be wary always and never trust anyone while on the streets. Thinking smart could save your life.




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