Thursday, May 7, 2015

Komoro Japanese Restaurant at Southmall, Las Pinas

Komoro Japanese Resto in Southmall, Las Pinas City

Komoro Japanese Restaurant is situated at the lower portion of Southmall, Las Pinas. As a resident of the area, I am always at the lookout for new stores, like this one --- that I can try. The resto is bigger than the usual stalls found in the mall, but smaller than the various iconic restaurants found in the area.

As a sucker for cheap, but sumptuous food, I tried their P99 Ten Don which is a mix of prawn and vegetable tempura. I like the combination and would want to compare it with the nearby Tokyo-Tokyo Restaurant.

Ten Don -- shrimp and vege tempura

The dish arrived in a few minutes, with a dipping sauce that has a piquant taste to it. However, the prawn and vegetables were a disappointment. Instead of adding Japanese condiments, I tasted more than the usual amount of salt in the dish. I like the crispiness, though, and the dipping sauce that was served.

I hope to try other dishes next time and see if this review would changed to something more appreciative. Nonetheless, I feel that for a restaurant to survive, they need to make a difference in taste and presentation. People are no longer as naive, when it comes to taste --- be it of local or foreign selections.

My Rating:  3 Stars

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