Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Technology and the Changing Society

Technology and Changing Society affects the Elderly
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With the advent of technology, we now see changes in society that can sometimes be discomforting. My daughter once asked me if I like to buy an IPad. She said, that I can be comfortable browsing around even when I am in bed. I said no. I have a laptop, netbook, a high end cell phone, and a cheap/basic unit that I use every day.

Besides, I keep on babbling around if I find anything interesting --- hence, the need for a bigger instrument. She laughingly told me a story about her friend who have parents, both retired, who stays in the province.

The parents have nothing much to do, except putting around the garden and do their daily task: household chores, cooking, talking with the neighbors, and watching television. The children who, by then, were all working, decided to give them both an IPad. They became ecstatic with their new play thing and toyed with them instantly---like ducks into water!

Old couple sitting in the park
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To the children's amazement, their oldies became techie-savvy in just a short span of time. They saw them once in bed with their IPads, happily posting away, and  liking/commenting to each other! They looked for friends in the neighborhood, adding them, and likewise posts and comment to everybody, including themselves, all day long!

What used to be a couple who were gregarious and neighborly, have suddenly become Facebook freaks --- hammering away with neighbors who lives just a few meters from them. It looked so laughable, that my daughter's friend prayed, that their units get destroyed soon, so the old folks can go back to their usual ways. That has not happened yet.

Now, the daughter tells me that I need an IPad? No way! I have my netbook that is less bulky to carry around when I travel. No, thank you!  I have enough technology to last me a lifetime. :)

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