Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bringing Children to Church

I went to church by my lonesome self this afternoon. But before hearing mass, I passed by the isaw-isaw stall of Kuya Krom, which is just within the church perimeter.

While sitting comfortably in one chair and after having placed my order, I noticed one little girl of about two years old, who sat at another table. Apparently, she is an only child as can be seen on how
her mom and dad dotes on her.

She is a precocious little girl, and babbled continuously on other children who were sitting so far away from her. When her friendliness got rebuffed, she turned her attention to a nearby cat. She cooed,

"Cat-cat, come here!"

I suddenly remembered this cooing, as this was the same come-on that my daughter used at that age. I smiled knowingly, and was oft to church. But, I saw this little girl again, being a handful while her parents heard mass. I saw both tiny feet on her father's ears and at the same time pulling her mother's hair!

Ohlalah! It was hilarious!

Personally, I didn't bring my child to church at that age. My fear was that, she might babble with her loud baby voice during the sermon---to respond to the priest. She did this earlier while watching Kris Aquino on television and talked to her non-stop.

With a loud baby voice, she blabbered back to Krissy...

"beeww beee bee weweiiweee. menooweeewshownewnew....lewlewlbew."

As I remember, this went on and on until Kris Aquino went off the air.If this were to happen in church, I may have died in shame! Just imagine, a baby girl blabbering away,  like there is no tomorrow!

I'll be honest that my greatest fear, was --- what if she sings as the chorale sings the Alleluia? Holy Banana! I can just imagine the scenario that may have gone this way with her as part of the chorus... (Her version of the Baa, baa Blacksheep)

Baaah, baaah blatt ship,
Ani ani wuuul,
Yet ter, yet ter,
Treee batsss pul,
An porrr de maaater,
An porrr de baaayy,
An porrr a leetell ger,
Liiibbss doowwnn hae,
Baaah, baaah blatt ship,
Ani ani wuuul,
Yet ter, yet ter,
Treee batsss pul!

Oh my God, just imagine that?

And believe me, my little girl could have pulled that off in a jiffy!

Why do I know?

When we were in the supermarket a few months after, while she was placed inside the shopping cart, she blurted out in a song with all aplomb...


followed by:

Sa, dawa, tatlo, apat, lima....



Never bring children when they are still so little, like below 3 years old in church. You never how handful they can be---when you are in your most prayerful mood!


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