Friday, July 31, 2015


Philippine Rural Life: An Old Woman in the Barrio

I always see her waving at me whenever I was in the farm. She was an old woman who had grown older than her 70 years. She sells several kilos of big head carp, caught at the nearby Laguna de Bay  by her husband.

I am aware that a two kg of fish costing P25 per kilo, would be enough to feed five farmhands for lunch. However, she knew that I seldom eat this specie of fish for health reason. It had too much fat, and it will drive my blood pressure soaring in no time. Nonetheless, I always buy whenever I see her. It made her happy that I buy half of what she carry in that basket ---all the time!

The last time I was there, she decided to back-ride in the motorbike that I was driving. I was reluctant at first, since she looked frail and sickly. But she insisted, and she can save a few pesos by back-riding with me. While coasting along the barrio road, I heard something drop. It was a coin, and she must have dropped it.

I suddenly felt the bike skid to the left, and her falling on the pavement. It was planting season, and many farmers were milling around. They saw her jumped off my bike at that moment. When I asked her why she did that, she showed me the P10 peso coin that she held tightly in her hand.

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