Monday, May 18, 2015

Creative Kids Studio at the Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

I went to the Alabang Town Center, yesterday, May 17 to see if there's anything new. I came across an exhibit from the Creative Kids Studio and they were impressive! I had fun taking pictures of all the things that were on display. Among those that struck my fancy were...

There were myriads of colors with three dimensional embellishments that gave them an added oomph. 

Any kid would love playing with this multicolored horse. But I think, this was just for display as it was made up of papier mache..

This was a display made up of real things ---chair, 3 dimensional artworks, and a stool  that were all beautifully colored.

This would have been a child's ultimate universe --- a play of colors and a wild imagination where nothing is impossible.

A closer view of the ultimate universe --- where everything is perfect as seen from a child's eye.

The heavenly bodies all in wanton abandon!

Star light, star bright, first star that I've seen tonight. I wish I were, I wish I might, have that wish I've wish tonight....:)

Taya-taya pung!  Talo ka!

Where can the heavens be? Where all I do is play and with myriad colors all around me!

The exhihit was like a child's playroom where everything was simply wonderful!

A candy colored chair, but you can't sit on it. The ice cone looks delicious, though!

Another chair that looks delicious. How creative!

A Filipino kiddie song about a child wanting a balloon. 

Another rhyming song about counting---creatively done in a way that a child will appreciate it.



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El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center,

El Presidente of Binondo at Alabang Town Center Muntinlupa City

I have been to El Presidente a few months back and I remembered not liking what I ordered then. I paid P99 for a spicy chicken dish, and it was too sweet for my comfort. Filipinos are known to like a sprinkle of sugar in most dishes --- the reason why the sweetish Jollibee burgers are first in the Filipino palate, as compared to the bland McDonalds burgers.

I was looking forward to a brunch at Tim Ho Wan with my daughter in SM Megamall yesterday, when she again gave me a rain check. She had special projects from one site and she can't spare a few hours for a lunch-out. I hope she earns much this time, so she can pay for brunch next time. 

Nonetheless, I promised myself to have fun and went to the nearby Alabang Town Center to have lunch at North Park or the Vietnamese Restaurant near it. To my dismay, all restaurants at the ground floor level were full of diners. I have no other recourse but to go to the food court where there were less people.

El Presidente of Binondo

The stall was all in red/gold and fully lighted. The food display looked palatable and nicely presented. I decided to order two viands, with shrimp cracklings and a piece of butsi, for P150. The server said that I can have my pick of the viands: so, I chose the sweet and sour fish with bean curd, and fried fish fillet with seasoned vinegar.

One of the servers took notice of me and smiled. She must have observed on how I looked at the selections and have concluded that I was one of those pesky bloggers who peppered cyberspace with food reviews. Oh, how right she was! I then noticed that she carefully selected the cuttings of the fish to place on my plate and I felt that it was more than ample for my serving. Hah! Trying to get into my good graces!

Sweet and Sour Fish/ Fried Fish Fillet, with shrimpt cracklings and butsi

What can I say?

The sweet and sour fish has a piquant taste --- not that sweet but with the right seasoning like those in the Binondo area. I liked the bean curd, not too soft nor over fried. The fried fish fillet was seasoned with Chinese spices, not merely salted. They were good and tasted like the ones that I've tried in Chinatown. The portions were big, that it took me an hour to finish it. Had my daughter been there, we could have ordered one dish, and it would have been enough for both of us.


I guess, since the Alabang Town Center caters to the middle and upper middle class groups, food stalls are more careful in food preparation and presentation. Most customers must have tried food from high end restaurants and know about how the food should taste like. Hence, no short cuts and only the best value for money should be serve, to customers with discriminating taste.

My Rating: 4 Stars 




Food Reviews by CSMiravite

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hearty Breakfast of Goto with Egg and Chicharon

Goto, Egg, with Chicharon

A hearty breakfast begins with a hearty meal of Goto with egg and chicharon. In the next subdivision of Pilar Village, there is a Goto stand where I get to have my fill of this heavenly dish. I make it spicier by adding pepper, fish sauce, and calamansi.

It's filling but not heavy on the stomach. I guess,  your taste in food changes as you get older as I wouldn't mind eating "lugao" the whole day. Add to that, the daily newspaper, like --- The Inquirer --- can start a good day anytime, be it rainy or sunny.

Fruits, yogurt, and pineapple juice

In between meals, having fruits and yogurt can be refreshing as they make the body cool. It is never advisable to eat much when the weather is hot. Choosing light meals and cold drinks always equate to having a great day!

+fruit juicefo


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Friday, May 15, 2015

Flores de Mayo in Almanza - Kiddie Version

The Flores de Mayo has started in our subdivision
 with kids as Reina Elenas and Sagalas

The Flores de Mayo season has started as I saw a kiddie parade outside of the subdivision this afternoon. The kids were dressed in dainty finery and made to look like little misses. They were accompanied by their mom, dad, kuya, ate, bunso, and friends. I can't help but stop, and take pictures as the little tykes strolled along.

It was a parade where the kids have all the fun, with everybody gawking and cheering at them. I can only look at the small ones, probably enduring the walk and the heat of the midday sun. I saw some mothers fanning their children and wiping the perspiration from their faces. 

This little girl was accompanied by her brothers holding an arc. She saw me with my camera, so she posed to have her picture taken. Such a pretty miss! Her mom would only be too proud to have such a cheeky daughter.

I can only laugh when I saw this little lady arranging her gown for a better fit. Her over solicitous escort was only too willing to assist. I looked at her clunky footwear and wondered on how she can walk with that. Well...

I waved at this pretty little miss to stop awhile so I can take her picture. She was too gracious to look back and give me that pretty smile. Meanwhile, her brothers were shouting with each other so they don't drop the fancy arc while walking.

I looked at this cute sagala and wondered why my kid wasn't able to join in parades like this one. Well...well...I can just imagine the little tot asking me to carry her. She doesn't like to take long walks. I could only imagine fanning her as she doesn't like the heat, either. I would have loved to see her in this flowery dress, though.



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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rabindranath Tagore: The Great Son of India

Rabindranath Tagore
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

India could never be mentioned, without touching on one of its spiritual leaders and son, Rabrindranath Tagore. He was born on May 7, 1861 with Brahmo bloodlines running in his veins. His descendants were founders of the Adi Dharm faith. He was India's greatest literary, having reshaped the country's literature, poetry and music.

He authored several poetries, short stories, major plays, musical dramas, essays, travel diaries, autobiographies, paintings and songs; legacies, which are now stored and collated in the school that he founded, the Visva Bharati University in West Bengal. 

One of Rabindranath Tagore's greatest achievement was of having been bestowed the Nobel Prize laureate for Literature in 1913 - the first non-European to have received the honor. His best known work is "Gintanjali" or Song Offering in 1910 which was hailed for its lyricism, elegance and naturalism. He was oftentimes referred to as the spark that kindled the Bengali Renaissance in the arts and literature.

Travel to India would not be complete without a visit to the said university. The name Visva Bharati means --- the communion of the world with India. It is said to follow the late master’s precept and belief that - "A proper Teacher does not explain things; Proper teaching stokes curiosity.":

Note from the author:

My parents took their postgraduate studies at the Visva  Bharati University in West Bengal, India as government scholars in the 1950’s. The institution was made famous by Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, whose vision inspired the creation of the famous university. While having my cup of coffee this morning, I saw the mural of this great man encased in my late father’s cabinet. I did some research and came up with this piece. 



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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Technology and the Changing Society

Technology and Changing Society affects the Elderly
Photo credit: by 667037

With the advent of technology, we now see changes in society that can sometimes be discomforting. My daughter once asked me if I like to buy an IPad. She said, that I can be comfortable browsing around even when I am in bed. I said no. I have a laptop, netbook, a high end cell phone, and a cheap/basic unit that I use every day.

Besides, I keep on babbling around if I find anything interesting --- hence, the need for a bigger instrument. She laughingly told me a story about her friend who have parents, both retired, who stays in the province.

The parents have nothing much to do, except putting around the garden and do their daily task: household chores, cooking, talking with the neighbors, and watching television. The children who, by then, were all working, decided to give them both an IPad. They became ecstatic with their new play thing and toyed with them instantly---like ducks into water!

Old couple sitting in the park
Photo credit: by Public Domain Pictures

To the children's amazement, their oldies became techie-savvy in just a short span of time. They saw them once in bed with their IPads, happily posting away, and  liking/commenting to each other! They looked for friends in the neighborhood, adding them, and likewise posts and comment to everybody, including themselves, all day long!

What used to be a couple who were gregarious and neighborly, have suddenly become Facebook freaks --- hammering away with neighbors who lives just a few meters from them. It looked so laughable, that my daughter's friend prayed, that their units get destroyed soon, so the old folks can go back to their usual ways. That has not happened yet.

Now, the daughter tells me that I need an IPad? No way! I have my netbook that is less bulky to carry around when I travel. No, thank you!  I have enough technology to last me a lifetime. :)

#changing society


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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Story of Turbulent Friendship Through the Years

Friendship through good and bad....

Delia and I have a turbulent friendship all through these years. We started off in the early years as being wary with each other --- her, thinking of me as somebody coming from another planet, and; me, undermining her as a lightweight and not worth my while.

As the years went by, all I knew was that, we might end up on the opposite sides of the stream. I usually lead a straight and narrow path, but would take a crooked route, if I can manage the risk. On the other hand, she remains steadfast on what she believes in, and would be adamant in pursuing a road less travelled, if she can hack it.

However, in all our endeavors, she remains to be the more pliable one who tends to trust the others more than I would. This often leads to problems in our part , and would sometimes result to acrimonious exchanges. But the heated debates never last long. We always find time, to mend our differences, and start all over again.

I believe, that such is the way of friendship. It may never run on a straight and narrow path, but could remain strong, if both parties hammers it to perfection.

Well, you know who you are, and; here's hoping for more years of "turbulent" friendship ahead!  :D

Picture credit: by cherylholt



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Trip to Palawan Underground River

Palawan Subterranean River underground Park
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

@ Palawan

A few months ago, my daughter and I decided to go to Palawan for a 3 days, 2 nights trip via the piso fare of Cebu Pacific.

The D-Day is fast approaching and we haven't decided yet on the iterinary. We have to  booked now, so we can still take advantage of the discounts given by booking agents.

Since we both work as freelance writers, finding the time to go on an out of town trip can be difficult and taxing. We always have work and deadlines to meet, with barely enough time for other things.

Firefly Watching
Photo credit:

I have a freer time as compared to my kid, since I don't rely much on online work for my upkeep. But, the kid has a pool of clients, and her deadlines are frenetic.

As it is, the iterinary has been pushed so many times, that we now only have a few more weeks before flight time.

I look forward to this trip and I hope to take great shots of the site. I like to see the fireflies and the underground caves, among other things. Let us see if I get lucky  to see bats flying around.

Ka Lui Restaurant, Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan
Photo credit:

Reading about Palawan, made me salivate...

"Palawan has recently been named as the country’s top draw for Best Island for Travelers in 2013 by the Travel and Leisure magazine. It has outranked other places on the travel list --Maui in Hawaii and Santorini in Greece, among many others. The place grabbed the limelight as official “it place” after the Puerto Princesa Underground River was designated as one of the seven wonders of nature in the world."

Here's hoping for a wonderful summer vacation in Palawan!



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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Komoro Japanese Restaurant at Southmall, Las Pinas

Komoro Japanese Resto in Southmall, Las Pinas City

Komoro Japanese Restaurant is situated at the lower portion of Southmall, Las Pinas. As a resident of the area, I am always at the lookout for new stores, like this one --- that I can try. The resto is bigger than the usual stalls found in the mall, but smaller than the various iconic restaurants found in the area.

As a sucker for cheap, but sumptuous food, I tried their P99 Ten Don which is a mix of prawn and vegetable tempura. I like the combination and would want to compare it with the nearby Tokyo-Tokyo Restaurant.

Ten Don -- shrimp and vege tempura

The dish arrived in a few minutes, with a dipping sauce that has a piquant taste to it. However, the prawn and vegetables were a disappointment. Instead of adding Japanese condiments, I tasted more than the usual amount of salt in the dish. I like the crispiness, though, and the dipping sauce that was served.

I hope to try other dishes next time and see if this review would changed to something more appreciative. Nonetheless, I feel that for a restaurant to survive, they need to make a difference in taste and presentation. People are no longer as naive, when it comes to taste --- be it of local or foreign selections.

My Rating:  3 Stars

Ad at front of store



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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Understanding Stock Options for Beginners

stock options 

Many wannabe traders think that stock options are stock substitutes that require higher leverage and lesser capital. After all, an option is used to bet on the direction of the stocks to either buy or sell at a specified strike price and date --- just like common stocks. But options have a  different characteristic, and uses terminologies that differ with common stocks. 

There are two positions in options: calls and puts. A call conveys the right, but not the obligation to buy a financial instrument at a strike price, before expiration. On the other hand, a put goes the other route. It conveys the right, but not the obligation, to sell an instrument at a strike price before expiration.

Trading in stocks may be compared to gambling in a casino when you bet against the house. If you have a string of luck, then you have a strong chance of winning against the house. It may also be compared to betting at the racetracks, where all bets are placed in a pool. The winning bets share the pool based on calculated payoffs, otherwise known as the parimutuel system. The racetrack earns as it gets a cut for the use of the venue to trade.

In mathematical terms, winning in an options --- is nothing but a zero sum game of chance; and  like in  all betting games, you only play with monies that you can afford to lose - or you stand to lose your shirt. 

Photo credit:



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My Old Man is Flirting with the Girls

My old man is flirting with the girls. He had his hair dyed, had facials, and walks with a swagger as we attended a friend's party today. At 50 years old, he still had the nerve of wearing tight levy’s jeans, and a batik shirt that’s open at the front.

I find it most amusing to see an old man competing with younger men,  to prove that he still has what it takes. I say to him, that he looks like a peacock on a prowl for a mate. He answered back, that I am a jealous old woman!

So, he strutted and swagger, so self-assured that he is God's gift to women. With his soft melodious voice, he flirted with women, young and old, like a young teenage boy on the loose. I sat at one table with my laptop and continue to do my work. Looking from the courtyard, I saw him try to mesmerize the girls.

He looked so pathetic, that I had to talk to him. I said, “ Honey, you better stop. This flirting will not do you any good. How can you flirt when you keep looking at me? I am never out of your sight, that’s why the girls would not believe, that you have the “hots” for them!”

He stood there very much flustered and said, “Why would I leave you? So you can fool around with the other old men?” My face turned red, and I answered back, “Let us just finished this off with fisticuffs! You don't have brain cells, anymore!”

He laughed so hard and whispered, “Ok, let us go home and settle this peacefully!” Well, that blew it, and I replied,  "No way! I am going to stay put and enjoy this party. The food is much too sumptuous to ignore."

So we stayed, and we’re still here eyeing each other!  :D

Photo credit:



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Friday, May 1, 2015


cappuccino coffee

I do freelance writing, once in a while, if I have the time. It is just my laptop and several cups of coffee that keeps me company when I work. Just recently, I suddenly woke up from my work table, not knowing that I slept. I was too fagged out that I just slumped in my seat without realizing it. By the time I woke up, several hours have passed. Writing several articles sapped my energy--- that I slept like a log.

Zzzzzz……. I was in dreamland and I didn’t even know how I got there!

I looked for coffee and there was nothing in my cupboard! Nothing to brew and there was not even a sachet left of instant coffee!

This is one sorry state that I can’t do anything about since it's 12 midnight in my part of the world. I don’t like to go out only to find non-human characters lurking in the streets.

All I have is my laptop, that I felt got surprised too when I woke up. It probably knew that I was tired---that it went on a sleep mode the minute that I dozed off, as well. I have to waken myself, but all that's left in my pantry was half a crate of Zambales mangoes. I got a few, put it in a blender, threw in some ice, and I had enough mango fruit slush to waken the dead!

Mango Slush Drink
Photo credit: By Author

Freelance writing is one of the fastest ways to earn money online. If you get commissioned to do five to ten articles at a time, that would give you enough money for weekly groceries. Response is immediate and you earn fast. No ifs or buts. It is a virtual market place, run by the concept of ---you work, we pay.

Any downside to it? Oh, yes! You may get a request for rewrite or outright rejection.

I guess, that all goes down with the territory! Now, if I only can find where to get that cup of coffee...

Have a good day everyone!

Photo credit: by skeez

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