Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love and the Significant Other

Coming home from work, you find the significant other sprawled on the sofa, with the house in total disarray. It is a sight that disgusts you; and you want to run away. As a couple who has been together for the past decade, housework should have been the least of your worries. It should not pose as a problem between the man lying on the sofa, and you --- the harried wife. 

You see the living area as a total mess with him doing nothing. All his things were sprawled on the floor, like it was one dumping area. If you still had the energy after work, you might not have minded it much. But you are dead tired, and all of this mess gnaws in your being.

The whole place was like a war zone with only a single living thing on it. There you see him contentedly sprawled on the sofa,  watching baseball; while gulping down bottles upon bottles of beer. The significant other must have noticed you, as he looks sideways and winked! With a big smile on his face, he coyly said, "I love you honey!"

What do you say?  Love conquers all!  :)

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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal

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Writing a Marketing Campaign

I looked at the document that was sent to me by a client for re-write. I stared at it, and stared some more, and yelled,

"Uughht! This marketing campaign stinks!"

You don’t use high fallutin’ words when you make a sales pitch! You don’t go around the bush to confuse your prospective buyer! When you attempt to make a sale, you go direct to the point and zero in on what you want. Everything should be written in simple English that can be understood by a 4th grader. Literary writing is different from business writing. Heck! a sales pitch is even different from any kind of writing!

My client is a learned man, who happens to be a licensed real estate broker. The only good thing about our relationship is that he listens to me. I hope he listens to me this time. The marketing campaign draft  that I will be revising looks like a thesis for a master’s degree. He will not recognize this draft when I am done with it.

I hope he doesn't fire me, though!

Ohlala! LOL!

Have a good day everyone! Just having fun here!


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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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