Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tim Ho Wan Restaurant, SM Megamall, Metro Manila

Tim Ho Wan Restaurant, SM Megamall waiting area
The other day, my daughter called up for us to try the newly opened Michelin (1 star) rated restaurant, the Tim Ho Wan, in SM Megamall. It was bruited about as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in

So, as writers who have the nose for anything new, more so if it is cheap, my daughter and I headed to the site for brunch. We agreed that it is better to be there by past lunch time so the queue would be shorter and more manageable.

Restaurant Staff manning the queue

We were wrong. At past 1pm the queue was still long. However, the placement of customers was fast, so we got seated right away. The place is small as compared to other restaurants  and can only accommodate around 50 diners.

Customers wait patiently to be served

When we looked at the menu, we found not that many choices---as compared to other local restaurants. However, for a Michelin* restaurant, the prices were indeed cheap, ranging from P120 to less than P200 pesos. If there were cuisines higher than P200, I may have failed to notice it. It is not dirt cheap, but it does not cost an arm or a leg either.

We were surprised with the prices. They come cheap and affordable!

We ordered shrimp and shrimp/pork dim sum, fried lumpia wrapped pork, carrot cake, and baked buns with barbecued pork. We had oolong tea to wash away the myriad taste as we savor each and every cuisine. What can I say?  Oh, heavenly! The food has a distinct piquant taste that makes it as one gustatory delight!

Dining area where people from all walks of life congregate

The baked buns with barbecued pork was crispy on the outside, but yummy on the inside. The buns were thin and the barbecued filling was filled to the brim. It has a distinctive flavor that I have not tasted yet in any of the Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila.

Buns with barbecued pork! Oh, heavenly!

The dim sums that we tried--- shrimp and shrimp/pork combination were tops. The queue that we have to endure  was well worth it; and the three hour travel just to reach the place, is something that I will do again just to partake of those sumptuous delights.

What are you waiting for? Go and try it yourself!  :D

yummy filling of the buns

Oolong Tea, Shrimp dimsum and fried wanton with pork/shrimp fillings

Fried shrimp rolls with pork filling

Pork/shrimp dimsum

Carrot pudding


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