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Best Places to Vacation at Christmas Time

Best Places to Vacation at Christmas Time

Christmas in just around the corner and people often wonder about where to find the best places to vacation at Christmas time. There are basically two places that one can go to and have the most fun. They are --- in Sydney, Australia and in Dubrovnik, Southern Croatia.

Sydney, Australia

Some travelers often say that the best place to spend the holidays is in Australia, where people stay outdoors to enjoy the summer weather. Just a few weeks before Christmas, houses and public places are already decked with Christmas trees, Carols are sung by Candlelight to give solemnity to the season, and festivities are held in local churches and communities. Many Australians spend the holidays at the beach or in camping grounds to enjoy the special Christmas delicacies and to exchange gifts.

Sydney is Australia’s most famous city which inspires people to visit during the Christmas holidays. It is where you find the World Heritage site of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo and the Sea Life Aquarium with its unique animals and marine life, and the ever popular Bondi Beach with its turquoise waters, white sands, and gently flowing waves. These beautiful images never fail to attract tourists to this cosmopolitan city to experience its diverse culture, heritage, and its various sporting and cultural events. 

Sydney's Iconic Christmas Feast 

Spending Christmas in Australia is not typical as it comes at the beginning of the hot summer months, where hot roast dinners are not served and cold turkey, ham, seafood, green salads, cold custard pudding, and ice cream are standard fare. The popular Christmas dessert is a meringue-based cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits that are served during parties and gatherings.

There is so much to do in Sydney - you can catch a ferry cruise ride from Sydney Harbour to Manly, or enjoy spectacular events, like Mardi Gras, the Sydney Festival, and the fireworks display on New Year's Eve among many others. Shopping is a delight for many travelers or any local since international brands are available in many trendy malls and boutiques along the city.

Sydney’s streets are festive with bright lights and decors including the digital projections in the historic Martin's Place. To cap the Christmas holidays, visit the night markets for gifts and the Pitt Street Mall to hear angelic Christmas carols.

Dubrovnik, South Croatia

Another must-see place during the Christmas holidays is the enchanted city of Dubrovnik. It is the so-called paradise on earth as well as the Pearl of the Adriatic. It is a stunning city in Southern Croatia, a stone-throw away from the Adriatic Sea. A visit to Dubrovnik is a historic trip into the past. It is known for its Old Town that is encircled by humongous stone walls that were constructed in the 16th century. 

There are many historical buildings and museums in this UNESCO World Heritage site, and going there is like a trip into ancient history. Among the historic structures are the Church of St. Blaise, the Renaissance Sponza Palace, and the Gothic Rector's Palace. The streets are paved with limestone and the plaza is lined up with iconic restaurants and shops.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

There are many accommodations in Dubrovnik, from 1 star to 5-star hotels. Among the more famous ones are The Pucic Palace, Villa Dubrovnik, Royal Princess Hotel, Hotel Kazbek, Grand Villa Argentina, Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik Hotel and many others. There are many other hotels in the Old Town and a few more around the town, but they are relatively more expensive. The mid-range hotels or those that are less expensive are found along the Lapad and Babin Kuk Peninsula, situated in the western city of the city. There are many hotels to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Accommodation is never a hindrance to enjoying the Christmas season on this Old Town of Dubrovnik.

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