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Rustic Life of a Filipino Farmer

Newly planted Palay
The onset of the rainy months triggers the planting season in the Philippines by farmers in the  Region Four of Laguna. The season is a welcome respite for farmers whose farms are not irrigated, since the rains would mean enough water in the fields until harvest time.

However, this season would also mean more pest and rats on the fields. As a consequence, farmers don't usually put in that much inputs in the form of fertilizers, labor and pesticides. It has been experienced several times that the yield during the rainy months is lower that those in summer months.

Caretakers-farmers of the farm, Willy and Zaldy

There are times too that the fields may be submerged in floodwaters with farmers losing their investments in the process. Hence, we say that farming is akin to gambling, since you cannot tell with certainty on what will happen in the future.

The planting technique during the rainy months is different from that in the summer. Farmers cannot plant sweet smelling rice like Bordagol, that would attract rats. Rice varieties should also be tolerant of flood waters and be harvestable in 3 1/2 months. The reason behind it is, so you can harvest right away and not exposed the field to further risk.

Caretaker's wife,  Wilma and child,  keep watch of the place
Planting should be in coordination with your neighbors, as those who plant first or last,  may experience the onslaught of rats, pests, and Maya birds that could lead to insurmountable losses. Planting is a scary endeavor if you do not plan ahead, since you don't know how mother nature will play it out in the next few months.

I am doing a study of farm techniques, financing, and support from the local government. It will be submitted to HubPages, a portal where I submit my more serious work on the Philippine economy and politics. Meanwhile, I have collated pictures that will go with my articles and among them are posted on this article.

Caretaker's Panabong lined the pathway

Roadside eatery of the town where choices of viands abound

Dining area of roadside eatery, very informal with local motif


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