Friday, August 29, 2014

The Reason Why I Will NOT Go to the Ocean Park, Manila

Photo credit: by Nemo/Public Domain CCO

A few days back, I asked my daughter, Maricat, to go check out the tickets for the Ocean Park in Manila. I have read in one of their fliers that they are giving up to 70% discount in ticket sales. As we have not gone to the place yet, I said to her that this may be the best time to go.

I got an e-mail from her early this morning, which says...

"Patsy,* wag na tayo punta Ocean Park. May napanood ako na documentary kagabi sa UP. Yung mga dolphins at killer whales para ma-train sila, ginugutom sila palagi tapos kinukulong sa maliit na pool. Tapos yung mga baby whales hinihiwalay sa mommy whales. Kawawa naman. Kain na lang tayo dun sa Tim Ho Wan Restaurant sa Megamall."

She added, 

"Eto yung pinanood ko oh, title ay "Blackfish"

Kawawa yung mga whales at dolphins :(

Kelan tayo punta Tim Ho Wan Restaurant?"

(Patsy*, let's not go to the Ocean Park. I saw a documentary at UP last night. How they train the dolphins and killer whales, is by making them always hungry. The animals are also confined in small pools and the baby whales are separated from the mommy whales. Such a pity. Let us just go to the Tim Ho Wan Restaurant at Megamall, instead.)

She added,

"This documentary was titled---Blackfish. The whales and dolphins looked pitiable. When do we go to Tim Ho Wan Restaurant?"