Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hearty Breakfast of Goto with Egg and Chicharon

Goto, Egg, with Chicharon

A hearty breakfast begins with a hearty meal of Goto with egg and chicharon. In the next subdivision of Pilar Village, there is a Goto stand where I get to have my fill of this heavenly dish. I make it spicier by adding pepper, fish sauce, and calamansi.

It's filling but not heavy on the stomach. I guess,  your taste in food changes as you get older as I wouldn't mind eating "lugao" the whole day. Add to that, the daily newspaper, like --- The Inquirer --- can start a good day anytime, be it rainy or sunny.

Fruits, yogurt, and pineapple juice

In between meals, having fruits and yogurt can be refreshing as they make the body cool. It is never advisable to eat much when the weather is hot. Choosing light meals and cold drinks always equate to having a great day!

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