Saturday, August 22, 2015


I sat at the nearby table, having my fill of newly cooked "pancit" when I noticed the old man talking with the owner of the store, a newly widowed lady in her late 50's. He was holding two viands in a plastic bag and was apparently trying to impress the old woman. From my vantage view, she looked quiet impressed as she refused payment for the viands. He thanked her profusely, until he heard the old woman say for him to wait for the rice that was about to be cooked in a few minutes.

I tried not to stare,  but it was amusing, like looking at a peacock fanning his feathers to attract a peahen. I heard him loud and clear from my side of the table --- how sad it is to be alone with nothing to do. All he does is sleep, eat, drink San Mig beer with friends, and go to the nearby Southmall to watch movies or shop till he drops. I smiled to myself as I begin to attack the chicken balls floating in sweet and spicy sauce. I like the sweetish taste, but I had more fun listening to the old man woo the old woman so early in the morning.

Oh, heavens! It is like watching a porno movie, with the oldies as lead stars. I must have been smiling to myself as I heard the old woman say,  "That's P20  for the rice."  She must have noticed me eavesdropping, that she came into her senses and charged the elderly gigolo his fair share!  

What happened?

That stopped him. He paid the twenty pesos and left the place in a huff!



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