Thursday, April 30, 2015

3 Signs that the Significant Other Loves You

Love with the significant other is a wonderful thing.
Sharing that kind of love is Bryan and Rani.

If we can only pry open into the minds of our significant other, to know if he really loves us, it would spare us girls a lot of sleepless nights. Women, by nature, have the tendency to look at things with rose-colored glasses, when they are madly in love. Nonetheless, there are telltale signs to know if it is the real thing or not. 
Three of the more significant ones, follow:
  • He is always at your side and can come up with the most preposterous excuses just to be near you. It can range from -- he sleep walked and suddenly found himself in your place; he thought that you were down with flu so he absented himself to be near you, and; he is dying of a heart ailment and has to spend the last moments with his loved one! Well, depending on the degree of love that you have for him----you can either accept the “high fallutin” discourses, or just throw him out for being a nuisance. The decision is yours. 

  • He talks to you in a language that seemed to have a life of its own --- soft, sweet, teasing, and punctuated with all the lovey talks like: honey, darling, angel, my love --- and the kind of sweetness that will make you see ants crawl under your skin. He gets so engrossed with all the little things that you do, as if his life depended on it. In short, he is one crazy guy who is deeply enamored of you. Yes, YOU! 

  • He easily gets fascinated with all the little things that you do for him: cooking his favorite meal, showing up as his date for an office party, bathing his dog, and sometimes, by simply doing nothing. He likes everything about you: how you walk, smile, the persona that you exude, and even the off moments where you have ----unkempt hair, old clothes, unmade up face---- everything!

If you happen to find this man, then by all means ----- grab him! Tie him down where he can no longer escape! That guy truly loves you and he is your man! 
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