Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going Gaga on Takoyaki

Takoyaki stall in Metropolis Mall, Muntinlupa City

Filipinos are fond of eating out. Anyone can come up with this conclusion if he sees the numerous food stalls lining up the malls, train stations, and every nook and cranny of the metropolis.

Among the food trips enjoyed by everyone is the Japanese-inspired Takoyaki. These are small chewy balls with snippets of squids and vegetables on the insides.  It is usually topped with mayonnaise and sprinkled with powdered condiments before being served.

How it is cooked is a feast for the eyes. The ones in the malls would have a rectangular plate with small concave indentions of around 100 holes. The balls can be cooked by dropping the flour-like mixture into these holes, and when half-cooked, the vegetables and squid are placed in the middle. Halfway through the cooking, a topping of the flour-like mixture is again poured to create small balls that can be eaten as soon as it’s off the plate.

This is an acquired taste as far as I am concerned. My daughter introduced me to this fast-food concoction and I became an instant convert. I always look for Takoyaki stalls whenever I am out of the house and have my fill whenever I see them. I have gotten used to the queasy concoction and spicy taste that makes me salivate after partaking of this luscious delight.

Takoyaki comes cheap, costing around $0.70 cents for four mushy balls. I am able to finish two servings of eight balls in one sitting, with no difficulty.  It is one street food that most Filipinos now enjoy and embrace  it as one of their very own. 


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