Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Ghostly Apparition

I saw her silently opening the door, walking airily as she tiptoed to watch my computer monitor. She sigh with disgust as she read what's on the screen.

"You're losing steam, my friend! You have to push that brain of yours to continue writing. You're stagnating. There is nothing but blurry particles coming out of your system. Write...write...write!" she blurted out relentlessly.

I looked at her from the corners of my eye, and saw a pesky apparition that I have battled with a couple of times before. I say to her, "Go away! You disturb my peace." But, to my dismay, she didn't move an inch.

I turned around to angrily confront her. I was stunned, as I watched in horror a mirror image of myself, staring at me with cold and blood-shot eyes! A piercing scream came out from nowhere...and I woke up!

It was just a dream.


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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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