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Are you a Miravite?

Miravite Family Crest


When I was still in college, I cross-enrolled in the University of the East in C.M.Recto. On the list of students taking Accountancy, was a girl named Zenaida Miravite. I wondered about it, but didn't seek her out. In my mind,she must be one of my uncles' children that we didn't know about.

When I joined the workforce, some friends told me that there were many Miravite's in Bicol. I did not mind it then, since I thought my cousins were spreading their genes and have reached the far-flung regions of the Bicolandia. But no one did.

As I got older, there were some groups from Zamboanga, whom my late dad, and some relatives acknowledged to be our blood relatives. How it came about, I really don't know. All we knew is that our grandfather was the only son of four siblings, and three of them were girls.

My cousin who is based in San Francisco, came up with a family tree that started with the old man, Zacarias Miravite and old woman, Consolacion Fajardo. Hundreds of twigs came out of that union and were all included in the Miravite.com website.

However, Facebook came about. We came to know about several groups and some of them became my students in college. My, that was real surprising! I inquired from the cousin, but I got no response. FB is now currently swamped with people surnamed Miravite. We don't know in particular, where the family links are, if there are any. Did my late grandpa's dad, have siblings that were also surnamed Miravite?

Did the Spaniards give the Miravite surname to unrelated groups in several parts of the country? How come there is no common denominator among all of us? There is no apparent traceable ties. either. My mom, Rosalina, often says that there is a Tanengco-Miravite group, that sprouted out since one of them happened to be an "anak sa binyag" of the late grandfather.

Hence, these are not really blood relatives, but are only related in name. It is the usual Chinese custom to adopt the surname of their "ninongs" so the group emanated from that line. Mom used to say that those are the richer Miravite's, since they are Chinese, and are business-minded.

In comparison, people from our group leans to being professionals, so not really as rich as the other group. The Tanengco-Miravite group are primarily based in Paco, Manila and the most notable members that I knew, were Julio and Simeon Miravite.

Since my cousin is no longer inclined to research on further links, I suggest that those with the same surname furnish him the links to include all blood relatives. There are so many of us around, that I get confuse on where the groups are all coming from. You can send the cousin, (Buyboy) an e-mail via miravite.com.

He didn't tell me to do this and might get surprised why I am doing the suggesting. Anyway, I love you Buyboy so don't get mad --- nalilito lang ako sa mga connect ei!

Have a good day everyone!

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