Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cellway-Southmall, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila

Cellway at Southmall, Las Pinas

Cellway is a mobile and cellular company that you can find on the 3rd floor of Southmall. They have a vast array of techie stuff on display and amiable salespersons to help you with your tech needs.

My techie stuff is ok, but I have problems with my Sun Broadband stick. It just went dead on me, by stopping to install midway. I had it checked with the service repair center of the Sun, but they were unable to do something about it.

They told me, that I need to have my laptop checked, and they referred me to Cellway. So, there I was at the repair center, and patiently waited for my turn.There were three technicians, and one tinkered with my unit.

Well, it didn't get him anywhere, to the bemused of the other technician who was seated near him. When this other technician was finished with what he was doing, he took a look of my unit to see what's wrong.

I can say that he is a master of the trade, who knows his way around. In just 10 minutes flat, the Sun Broadband stick was happily purring into action!


I went back the following day and informed him that the stick didn't work when I reached home. I said  that I uninstalled it again, and was no longer able to reinstall it back.

He looked at me bemused, installed the broadband, and gave me instructions on how to do it right. I dare say, that this technician is a professional, friendly, and knows his stuff like the tip of his nose.

It is good to see highly skilled professionals like him who can help us, should the  need arises. His name?

Eugene Villaraza of Cellway-Southmall.

Go see him for all your techie needs. This is not a paid advertisement. I am just a satisfied customer.

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