Monday, December 15, 2014

Scum of the Earth

What do you consider as scum of the earth?

The word represents the most offensive and demeaning that any person can be called. What it means, is you are judged as one of the lowest life form that walks this earth. It is an insult which says---you amount to nothing.

What we normally do with scum, is throw them out like garbage. I threw out a pile of twigs, leaves, and various bric-a-brac this morning. I have to pay a little extra for the garbage truck doesn't usually accept this stuff. Only household garbage, they say.

50 sacks were thrown

After doing away with them, I went out on an errand and rode a jeepney. While seated cozily, I noticed this young boy who sat on the stairs sniffing a bottle of rugby. I stared at him--- helpless, and unable to do anything.

How can somebody so young, act so brazenly, as if "getting high" in public is normal? He sat there, sniffing, and holding on to the rails for about half a kilometer. The passengers sat there stupefied, and unable to do anything. They looked at him with disdain as if, he was a total scum of the earth.

Garbage collection  every Saturday of the week 

I remember the garbage that I threw away a couple of hours before, and I would have liked to do the same thing for this young boy. But, I can't. So, I just stared there---helpless,   until he took off in an alley, where he can probably get another fill.

What a pity! A sheer waste of humanity for somebody so young.


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