Sunday, January 11, 2015

BLOGGER'S REVIEW: Amber Restaurant, Las Pinas, Alabang-Zapote Road

Amber Restaurant is one of those places that people go to when they have parties or get-together. It was their outlets in Muntinlupa and Paranaque where students (when I was still in the academe ) placed their orders whenever occasions call for feeding big groups of people . It was also where the faculty and staff orders their bilao of pancit malabon , spaghetti, or pancit bihon whenever there are birthdays or promotion. Its popularity spread like wildfire since you see the cuisine in every party or occasion.

When Amber Restaurant opened an outlet in front of Southmall-Las Pinas, placement of order became simplier and easier. It was right smacked in the middle of the city and ideally situated near middle-to upper middle class subdivisions. Splurging a few hundreds of  pesos for a bilao of pancit posed no problem to these families as they are  used to spending a tidy sum of money eating out and shopping in malls.  

My family is no exception as  we patronize the place whenever we have birthdays, celebrations, or unexpected guests in the house. We order either a bilao of pancit malabon or spaghetti. Pichi- pichi is a favorite that always comes with our order of pancit . 

I was there this morning to take out a bilao of Pancit Malabon. I paid P550 for a medium-sized bilao to a comely server named Nelsie. She was amiable and politely informed me that I have to wait for 20 minutes for my order. As there were few customers, I decided to wait it out. After taking a seat, I heard my name called over the microphone. It was Nelsie , and she informed me that I overpaid.

She gave back the extra P500 that I had mistakenly folded together, when I withdrew the amount from the bank. I was bemused, P500 may not be a big sum of money, but that is worth a day's pay for this humble server. Returning the P500, shows trustworthiness that is a big plus for any establishment like Ambers. 

News spread fast. Most especially if the recipient of the good deed is a blogger, who would not think twice of spreading the good news as fast as she can. Thank you Nelsie and a thumbs-up for Amber's, Las Pinas for it's pool of competent and trustworthy staff!  


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