Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tell Me Frankly, Did You Miss Me?

On Relationships

As somebody who goes through life with a passion, I sometimes fail to notice how I affect other people. I always have the knack of feeling other people’s pain, turmoil and joy even from afar. I can sense what they are going through even if they try hard to hide it from me.

I knew this sense of perceptiveness as a child – and it scared me like crazy! I knew that I can instantly connect with people, and would know offhand what they feel even without talking. Not exactly their thoughts, but more on how they feel at that particular moment.

This knowledge leads me to study a difficult course --- Accountancy to take my mind out of it. The study would make me grounded on things that are earth-bound and practical.

Nothing ephemeral for me, all things that I see must be run by logic and with mathematical precision. Early on, I decided to run away from things that I don’t understand. This perceptiveness however, does not go away. I have used it several times when I deal with people and have taken advantage of it ---in business. But personal relationships are different. I am still clueless when it comes to my friends and the significant other.

I supposed, God’s given gift does not cover everyone! LOL!

POSTSCRIPT: I asked some friends if they missed me when I was gone for a few days. They said, "Nope. We didn't notice." I knew they were lying. I can tell. LOL!

A blessed day everyone!

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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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A Friend's Tale: Love Among the Oldies

Tete-a-Tete with a Friend...

There was once a local movie actor, when asked who his crush is in the local pool of movie actresses, he said --- “I don’t have crushes. It’s either I have a wife, a girlfriend, or a significant other.” That response struck me, since I know that it is true. After a certain age, past my 20th birthday --- I don’t have crushes anymore.

What I have, was a boyfriend or a significant other. And when in a relationship, I never look at the others --- lustily! Lol! I was not lucky in picking the right person, though, I never look at the others but they do! That is ironic, but I accept it as a part of life and never lose sleep when that happens.

I am now in a happy compromise. The significant other is in faraway Djakarta and I am happily grounded in Manila. We have been in this relationship for more than a decade, and comfortable with it. He does his thing, and I do mine. He is happy with what he does, and so am I. The only thing is that we are not together.

We have been in and out of this relationship, for the past decade. We get waylaid, by other people ---- either he or I did. Those were the times when we were much younger. But we are now too old for anything. The only problem, is I am the only one who feels this way, he does not.

He calls up early in the morning, probably trying to check if there is somebody with me. Well, he either finds me working or asleep. Just like tonight --- I was in dreamland and enjoying every moment of it, when the phone rang. As usual, he was on the other line and cooed, “ I love you, honey! I can’t wait to be home!”

POSTSCRIPT: If young people can be gingerly sweet, so can the oldies! Lololol!

I just woke up. It is 2:30am Manila time. Good morning everyone! :D


Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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Writer's Dilemma: Procrastination

Procrastination in Freelance writing spells ---disaster. It is when you have a deadline to meet, but your mind does not go along with your body. You just stare at the blank screen and do nothing. It is not because you don't know what to write; it is the body that does not want to move. I have a 2,000 word report that was due yesterday. I am still looking at it and not doing anything. I started to write the 1st two paragraphs, and it was ok. I have no difficulty doing it. This is something that I am familiar with, but here I am just staring at it.

I have to force myself to finish this work or I will have an angry employer who will be bombarding me with emails. I cannot let this "despicable thing" defeat me. I have to work and put words on that blank screen. If I need to bleed my brains dry just to do it, I will do it. It is my body acting up again, with this wayward behavior. I have to do it....I need to do it.... no ifs..... no buts. This is work. This is not an ego trip. I need to work to retain this client. I need to work to earn my keeps. I need to work, because that is what I do. I write.

Just yapping about.....when my mind seems to go nowhere. Bubblews say, you write your world. Oh, here is mine. It is nothing but a blank wall!

Good evening everyone! It is 11pm, Manila time and I need to go back and work.

Have a good day everyone! :D

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Sexy Lady: One Hot Momma For a Friend

As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” I heard this said so often, that it must have been embedded in my grey area. If this is true, then I must be one multi-colored bird that flies around with different flocks.

I am always typecasted with those in the academe and the writer’s group --- and often branded as one nerdy and esoteric character. I admit, I am guilty on all counts! But, I am more than that! I have friends too that are of a different breed, that most nerdy friends would not even know exist.

Me: “Why are you here? I am working…. I’ll see you Sunday!”

Martha: “You’re one old woman! Why don’t we go out? Let us go Malling and watch a movie later!”

Me: “You know I don’t like to go out! Hey, what is that? You’re wearing a micro-mini with a slit on the sides? Everything is showing! Why don’t you put on something decent?”

Martha: “This is decent! You’re too cooped up in your work that you don’t know how to live anymore!” LOL!

Me: “What is that thing popping out? Better change your dress to hide that! What you’re doing is black-hat advertising! You’re pushing things too far, girl!” Heheheh!

Martha: “What black hat are you talking about? I am a fiery red and always hot!”

Me: “Ok, hot mamma ---- get out of here so I can finish my work!”

POSTSCRIPT: This hot mamma is a 68 yr old grandmother of seven who, they say, is the cause of her children’s migraine attacks! Lol! But, I don’t mind her. She is one of those characters that I can adroitly see beyond the exterior. When I get to take out the entire flap, make-up, and esoteric clothes ---- underneath it lies a true and trusted friend!

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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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Freelance Writing: Work, Compensation, and the Christian Faith


Author’s Note: The bubblews site was down for a few hours. It prompted a 705 error. Horrible! I wrote this post when the site was down, before doing my next round of assignments in another portal. Good it is up and running now! 


This is the first week in my almost two years as freelance writer that I earned much. Not really much, but this week tops it all. This trend is going to last till next week. How I did it is pretty much the same way as how others do it----I view my current project as if it will be my last work on earth. Hence, it has to be the best that I can do at the moment.

It has been a long and hard climb, of keeping the faith and driving myself to excel in a craft which is not my first passion. At the back of my head, I know that I am first and foremost –--an Accountant. It is my reality where I can swim most confidently in an ocean that I call home. Writing is a passion, and I didn’t know that it is one, until circumstances forced me into it.

I got another round of assignments just this minute, and it will keep me busy for sometime. What is the topic all about? No, it is not about stock trading or the techie stuff that I usually crank out. It is coming up with a book--- of Christian Prayers. Fifty prayers for everyday experiences at 150 words each. I did not know that my faith can drive me to this extreme. I love my God and I adhere to my faith. But writing a whole book of prayers ---is something I never imagine that I can do.

I am ever thankful to the Lord and Master for all the gifts that He has given this faithful servant. I am happy that I still walk God’s path towards eternal life where I will find my Master’s abode.

In Jesus Name, I pray.


Have a Blessed Day everyone!

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Sun Broadband: One Significant Day of a Writer

What happened today? Nothing really, just these…….

My BroadBand Connection Gone Bonkers

I woke at around noontime to find my sun broadband dead as a dodo. I cannot connect online! All work assignments for submission today have been re-scheduled for tomorrow. Real nasty! I tried to fix it myself, but nothing happened. I had to go to the nearby mall to inquire if there was something wrong at their end --- well, I was right. They had glitches from noontime till around 7pm today. Woe to freelance writers, that’s money down the drain for us!

Offer from Academe

I got a call from one university south of Manila, to join their faculty in Accountancy on a full time basis this coming semester. The school is run by Rotarian fathers and they need a faculty to handle their higher accounting subjects. This is my area of expertise, but I have to refuse. There are still many things that I have to do. I have not gone headway into the Accounting outsourcing work, that I had planned for a year now. Another offer was to teach Cost Accounting to Financial Management students. Again the subject matter is my forte, but I know that I will have problems with non-accountancy students. It is always hard for them to grasp accounting in a manufacturing set-up, and that's difficult for me.


I have not done much today and may do several articles tonight. The physical world can sometimes get into our online work, that if we can't schedule it adroitly, either one of them suffers in the long haul.

Have a good day everyone! :D



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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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