Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is Instagram Star Zac Efron Influencing The Use Of Anabolic Steroids?

The beefcake is back - with his buff body and ripped muscles that were posted to his millions of fans and followers on Twitter and Instagram. To get the coveted role of Matt Brody, as a lifeguard in the film Baywarch, Zac Efron had months of intensive training and a strict diet of - no carbs for nine days, no sugar, and only organic protein and vegetables.

The actor is so proud of his well-sculpted body, that he was caught swinging topless from bars and rings into the air, with his biceps bulging, shoulders swelling, and his well-sculpted six-pack abs shown to the max. He was shirtless in a pair gray shorts and American style boxers, that was put on display in some scenes of the film.

Zac's coming out put fears that men in trying to emulate celebrities, could turn to quick fixes like anabolic steroids to transform their lean body frames into a Hollywood beefcake.

So, was Zac on anabolic steroids?

With hard work and smart diets, Zac can bulk up to attain his impressive body frame - no drugs and years of intensive training. However, there are likely pieces of evidence, though unfounded, that he may have used steroids to beef up, to wit:

---it took him months not years to transform, which naysayers say are unlikely;---he trained with Rock, known for steroid use, makes Zac guilty by association;---a more masculine face with wider/blocky chin and jaw are signs of steroid use;---aging face and deeper voice are symptoms of higher testosterone levels;---increased body hair and receding hairline may be due to 5 to 10 times increase in the hormone for building muscle mass.

The verdict based on above allegations is that Zac in on the take.

That’s a sample of allegations that you can’t look like Zac without chemical use. However, there are a few who are voicing out a contrary opinion, to wit:

Zac's look can be achieved naturally, but hard to maintain for a long period of time. It takes hard work, sacrifice, and long periods in the gym. At 28 years old, and 5'8" Zac's body built and age is a great size for bodybuilding. He must be around 170 lbs., when the pictures were taken, a peak condition for most bodybuilders. Peaking is the best physique attainable over a short period of time like a few days. This tapers off to manageable levels since the peak is hard to maintain.

A strong possibility is that Zac peaked for around two weeks to film the ripped muscle scenes, and then reverted to normal physique for the rest of the film. Actors are known to get ripped if they need a body builder's form in their films - like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa. Stallone was known to have an intense body building workout for the fight scenes in Rocky Balboa and eased off during the rest of the film.

We can't discount that Stallone didn't use performance enhancing drugs at that time when he was in his 40's. But, Zac Efren is only 28. For his age and stature, it is easier for him to have that ripped body since he has the funds to hire the right people to help him: a Personal trainer, to schedule his gym time and workout; Full- time Personal Trainer to track down his routine and sees to it that the guy has enough work space and equipment; Chef and Nutritionist to make sure that Zac gets the best food and nutrition, among other people.

How to Look Like Zac Efron

To look like Zac Efron, you need to have the right people to help you every day as well as have the dedication to do strenuous exercises in the gym. You can look like Zac in two to three years if you can follow this strict regimen. You can also do it yourself if you lack the needed resources to make it happen. You just need to put in time, knowledge, and great efforts to change the way you look.

You don't need to take juices for that!

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