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Mr. Kimbob of Southmall, Las Pinas City - A Food Review

Mr. Kimbob at Southmall, Las Pinas City

A friend inquired why I did a nasty review of this iconic Korean fast food chain, Mr. Kimbob, a few weeks ago.

I said to her that I have been a long-time customer of the now defunct, Kimchi Restaurant and that this stall pales in comparison with Kimchi.

Kimchi did not have many cuisines on its lineup. They have barbeques - chicken, pork, beef, and squid that were cooked in a hot circular iron plate. They have beef kalbichin that I ordered once in a while, and they were great!

Mr. Kimbob has many loyal customers and there is hardly any time of the day when people do not flock to their stall in Southmall. This is confusing to me, as I cannot understand why lots of people would like something that I find ordinary.

I first had their Chicken Mix a few weeks ago, and it tasted like any sweet and sour pork that anyone can buy in Chinese Restaurants.

Mr. KIMBOB Food Stall-Southmall, Las Pinas

The friend told me to try their bestseller, Bibimbop. Who knows, I may turn out to be a convert and change my initial negative review.

Well, that's what I did today- I gave it a second chance. I ordered Beef Bibimbop and paid P99 for the meal.

The result? I still don't like it. It looks like a Chinese fried rice with vegetables and meat. I could have cooked a better version of this meal at half the price.

What is wrong?

Most Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Restaurants have their own spices and condiments, so the taste would mostly differ from one venue to another.

Filipino entrepreneurs, come up with these same names, but do not bother to use those special spices/condiments, thinking that people will not notice it . Well, I did --- and I feel disappointed.

What they did come up with was their own version of these dishes, made a nice presentation of the  meal, and that's just about it!

Bottom Line

If I have to try new kinds of food, I better try it in localized places like those found in `the Ayala-Alabang area. I can never find the right mix and taste by going to fast food stalls like those in Southmall.

Beef Bibimbap at Mr. Kimbob
Probably, I need to check out North Park for Chinese dishes, a Vietnamese Resto along the same route, and Barrio Fiesta for original Filipino cuisine!

It may be more expensive, but I am assured that I will get the pleasure of enjoying my meal.

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The Pizza Hut-Almanza, Las Pinas City

Outside of the subdivision where the family lives, is a Pizza Hut outlet, which has for customers mostly residents of the nearby subdivisions.

As I am not fond of pasta dishes, I was at first hesitant of going to the place. However, the daughter and I took the bait of the large advertisement that was placed prominently along the entryway.

It says, that you get a fully loaded meal for only P549 pesos. So, without much ado and prodding, we went there and ordered the big box to try it out.

It was nothing fancy, just a collection of the  store favorites in small portions --- small pizza, chicken wings, buttered toast, lasagna, and spaghetti.

The order can serve from two to five people, depending on your appetite. In our case, it was good for the two of us, with a little something left for a sister.

If you are in a group, and would want something filling, this can be the order for you. But if you are meticulous with what you eat, then better order something else.

Since we were both hungry, we had our fill, eating all that was served. I like the buttered toast and the cheese spread. All the rest, seemed like ordinary fare to me.

Meaning, that they can still improve on the product. The pizza could have more filling, the lasagna would have been better if there is more bacon/ham, and the spaghetti could have more fillings too and a spicier sauce.

The spicy chicken is tops---just the right mix and spiciness.

It is a good buy for P549 and filling too, if you're hungry and on the run.

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Onli in da Pilipins: A Writer's Journal
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