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How to Avoid Depression in Young Adults

Depression can devastate anyone if not treated immediately.
It can lead to despair and loneliness.

 Depression is a sickness that strikes young adults today. It is marked with a person's inability to do routine functions, coupled with feelings of helplessness, and despair.
We cannot prevent to being stricken by life's adversities. It comes like a thief in the night and before we know it, we see ourselves lethargic and unable to face the world.Sometimes, people get depressed with the flimsiest of reasons: rejection, unable to cope, lack of doable goals, and separation.
Some can easily brush off the initial stages; but, there are others who may find it hard to cope
You stare in the mirror, and all you see is an empty world.
How do we prevent depression from creeping in?
  • Take yourself lightly - You are not the prettiest, handsomest, or the most intelligent person in the world. You are just one among the many, so don't strut your stuff.
  • Never be afraid to be alone. Learn the joys of being happy by yourself. Nobody knows you better, than you.
  • Let your guards down. Some people go through life building walls, and afraid of being seen in their naked (emotional) glory. Trash those walls and let people see you as you are.
  • Enjoy the simplest things - the pit-pattering of the rain, a nice smile, birds flying in the sky, a good meal, a good book, and sleeping tightly at night.
  • Always feel the presence of God Almighty. Knowing that you walk in God's path is the most wonderful feeling of all and the best antidote for depression.
The world may seem scary and chaotic...
The world can be one scary place for any young adult. It is full of anxieties, worries, frustrations, and rejections. Oftentimes, it can be a lonely place where you may feel all alone and empty. If you only look at your own sphere, and reflect on the immediate things that surround you, the world can be a small lonely place.

However, including others into your sphere, and looking at things from other people's point of view, could lead to a more meanigful and happier life. Feelings of depression can be avoided if you begin to appreciate the little things in others: the chirping of birds outside your window, blooms of flowers in your garden, laughter from children, watching a good movie, sleeping snuggly in bed, and having a hot coco before you hit the sack, among others -- can change the way on how you look at the world.

These are just some of the ways on how to avoid depression as a young adult. You may  still add to this list, to come up with a better plan to stay happy and depression-free. 
Have a nice day!
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