Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Philippine CPA Board Examination of October, 2014


The results for the October 2014 CPA Board Examination have been released, and as usual, we have the losers and the winners from among the takers.I feel bad for those who did not make it, since time and money were spent in the 5 month review.

"A journey to hell," are apt words to describe it. Those who survived may have used all survival skills and a streak of luck to go with it.

I took the same exam decades ago, and to tell you frankly, I don't know how I even made it. It just happened and bazoom! I am a CPA.

It is nice signing your name with that 3 letter tag; but, it doesn't really make you a better person than the next fellow. It is just a tag, and what you make of it, would depend on you entirely.

For heaven's sake, I have seen some very rich folks with no college education and still make a good living, despite this handicap.

The bruohaha will die down after a couple of days, until the next CPA Board Examination again. The saga continues, from one batch to another ad infinitum. It's a never ending cycle.

* CPA-Board-Exam
+Certified Public Accountants Examination

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Fruit Slush Drinks-Healthy Eating Habits

Fruit Sluch - Green Mango with Nestle yoghurt (raspberry and apple)

Fruit slush drink, anyone?

I have been doing combinations of fruits for my daily intake of fruit slush drinks. This has become habitual that whenever I go out, I buy fruits that would go into my slush drink whenever I reach home.

However, I noticed that the shelf life of fruits is just around two days. After that, it discolors and the taste is affected. The kiwi fruit can get mushy after two days. Green mango would lose its tang and crispiness after two to three days. Grapes (seedless variety) will hold in the fridge for around five days. Guayabano would have to be eaten within two days of being cut.Apples, papaya, and dragon fruit can hold up to three days.

After several days of mixing my fruit juice, I conclude that any fruit can go well together. It becomes a nice slush drink after mixing it with non-fat milk and a pinch of muscovado sugar. I sometimes have a fruit mixture without ice and drink it straight from out of the blender.It's swell and I get my kick out of it!

My meal at home - Pineapple Juice, Nestle Fruit Yoghurt, and fruits

Really delicious!

Today, I tried green mangoes with Nestle Yogurt (raspberry and apple), without sugar. Wowee! It's sour but yummy! It feels good in the tummy right after gulping a cup of the slush.This I may say, is real food! It's filling and your body doesn't hate it. It's so good that I may try several yoghurt flavors in the next few days in lieu of the non-fat milk.


I hope to be able to get the right combination of fruits--- and who knows, I might be able to come up with a franchise of  nutritious fruit slush drinks! I'll see if there are still available stalls in Southmall. I might do a test run first, to know what's saleable and voila! I am in business! :D

I'll have a doable project by next year, God willing. Who knows I might be the Fruit Slush Queen, before you know it!  Lololol!

It's a fun, fun day while drinking my favorite slush drink.


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