Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Massage for Less, Metropolis, Muntinlupa City

 Massage for Less at Metropolis, Muntinlupa City

A friend once asked me if I wanted to go with her to a massage parlor. I said no since I am not used to other people invading my precious territory --- which is my body. Heheh!

I have a secret to share...I get tickled easily. I am certain that once the massage attendant starts to pounce and roll on my body parts, I will laugh and roll till thy kingdom come.

Hence, I am not a target client of any massage parlor. Not by a long shot. It would be like asking the devil himself to go roll it out with the angels. It just wouldn't work.

However, there was a flyer given to me some months back about a massage chair. It was a bulky-looking contraption that wiggles and moves your body from head to toe. It looked ok and I would be honest to admit, that I liked it.

But the price stunned me! It costs P65,000! Never in my life would I sink my few precious peso on anything whimsical, such as a massage chair. I would rather buy three cows with that money and ride on it till perdition. Lol!

The other week, I saw these same chairs in the Metropolis. It was rented out at P10 and P25 for 5 to 10 minutes by Massage for Less. I am not sure about the number of minutes, but I tried it out --- being tired of walking around the mall.

I have to pay extra P5 for the socks, and there I was comfortably seated on that bulky contraption. It was a nice experience, all over again. It made me relax without being tickled pink. The pains in my legs and back were gone after my time was up.

I hope these massage chairs can be found in other malls, like in the nearby Southmall. It is relaxing and would not punch your pockets dry, for a few minutes of wondrous time.


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Mr. KIMBOB Food Stall-Southmall, Las Pinas

Mr. Kimbob Stall at Southmall, Las Pinas
Mr. KIMBOB is a fast food stall in Southmall, Las Pinas that fast food diners can try out. It boasts of Korean-inspired dishes, and you can have a pick of either meats, veggies, or a combination of both.

As a resident of the area, I am always at the mall either to buy some stuff in the supermarket or to have my devices (computer, cell phone, and camera) repaired. It also has a C-D-R King outlet where I  buy my USB, monitor, and other techie knick knacks.

I came upon Mr. KIMBOB today, to try out their Korean dishes. I have been a loyal customer of KIMCHI, a Korean fast food joint, that have folded up several years ago. I always liked Kimchi's chicken/squid barbeque and beef broth whenever I am at the mall. This order always comes with  a heaping of kimchi to add spice to the dish, and it's yummy!.

Mr. Kimbob's Chicken meal that looks like a Chinese sweet and sour dish

So, eager-beaver, I ordered a Chicken dish with veggies on this new Korean food stall. KIMCHI used to served this meal with spicy mongo sprout, and it was never oily. Nonetheless, what I ordered had carrots and slivers of cabbage instead of mongo sprout. I would have thought, that the manner of cooking would be the same and taste the same too.

But I was wrong. When I got what I ordered, I was surprised that it looked like the sweet and sour variation of a Chinese lauriat. The meat and veggies were oily. Had it not been in the name of the store, I would have no reservation that this was a sweet-sour thingie that is served in many Filipino/Chinese joints.

You cannot judge a store by a single product, so they say. But you cannot also fool a customer by saying that you are what you are, when you are not. 

Will I go back?

Nope, you have lost me there Mr. KIMBOB. I suggest for you to come up with fewer choices of meals and only concentrate on authentic Korean dishes. That would make you stand out. You can fool some people once. But twice?

Ah, nada! I better go try Teppanyaki next time. :D


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