Sunday, March 22, 2015

Procrastination In Freelance Writing

Looking at a Blank Wall

Procrastination in Freelance writing spells ---disaster. It is when you have a deadline to meet, but your mind does no go along with your body. You just stare at the blank screen and do nothing. It is not because you don't know what to write about; it is the body that does not follow the commands of the brain. I have a 2,000 word report that was due yesterday. I am still looking at it and not doing anything. I started to write the 1st two paragraphs, and it was ok. I have no difficulty doing it. This is something that I am familiar with, but why am I just staring at it now?

I have to force myself to finish this work or I will have an angry employer to contend with. I cannot let this "despicable thing" defeat me. I have to work and put words on that blank screen. If I need to bleed my brains dry just to do it, I will do it. It is my body that is acting up again. I have to do it....I need to do it.... no buts. This is work. This is not an ego trip. I need to work to retain this client. I need to work to earn my keep. I need to work, because this is what I do ---write. Just yapping about when my mind seems to go nowhere. So here I am staring on a blank wall...

Would this be a case of a Writer's Block?

Looking at the clean computer slate, Things start gnashing with your brain grunting, The deadline puts severe strain like a piercing blade, You want to move, but is left wanting. There is a need to act but you're very late, The brain is dead and the body is panting, Unable to move, like being stuck in a cave, Let me soar into the skies as I go flying. Unlock you fool! Unwind if necessary, This is an ailment, and sounds like a cacophony, The zealot in you can crank this up in no time, It's just your bed that beckons you to lie. To think of clouds with a mind that wanders in flight, A deep resolve to survive through this putrid night, So, move those nimble fingers to touch the keys, And let this mighty task be finish at ease!



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