Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 7-11 Store at BF Almanza, Las Pinas City

7-11 Store at BF Almanza, Las Pinas City

Outside of the subdivision where I live, is a 7-11 store where I buy some of the things that I need. That would include, the daily newspaper (Philippine Daily Inquirer), instant coffee drinks with hazelnut/mocha flavor, siopao or donuts, and the P15 ice cream cone with a choice of Choco or Ube flavor.

Of course, that is also where I buy Maling meat loaf, pork and beans, canned tuna, and other needs like laundry soap and fabric softeners. The people manning the store know that whenever I come in --- I buy a few things, read the daily newspaper, and munch a siopao with my liter of mineral water, while sitting comfortably in the snack area.

You can say, that I am one of their regulars whom they oftentimes see around. I go to the store too to buy my Sun Broadband cards, which cost me a thousand pesos a month. They often tell me that I am their number one buyer of Sun Broadband cards. I tell them that I am a writer and I am always online; hence, my apparent need for internet broadband cards.

The 7-11 flyer outside the store

The store has a fully functioning air-conditioning unit that makes it cool to sit around and relax. It is manned by a pool of friendly staff and a place where I go to before I do other things. Having a 7-11 store outside the subdivision is a good business idea as it gets a free flow of customers from the nearby subdivision.

However, there is also the so-called risk of the trade. The other day, a dishevelled man entered the store and ran amuck inside. He was cursing and shouting, and the staff just stared and unable to do anything about it. Since the store does not have a security guard during the daytime, the all girl staff was petrified and unable to do anything. What I did was ran outside and called for help.

Apparently that same man, have always entered the store, but does not do anything drastic. But that is beyond the point and I feel that the store owners should do something about it. If I come across the same incident again, I will not take it sitting down. I would write the store owners and file a letter of  complaint. There is something very wrong with how they run the business if they would not act on it immediately.


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Tricycle driver with a tablet on his dashboard

I often hear both young and old women complain about the roving eye of their better halves or significant other. Filipino males of whatever persuasion, have the tendency to pursue anybody who catch their fancy.

This specie, with even an iota of rugged handsomeness in them, would have the spunk to believe that they are God's gift to women. Mind you, I say women --- in plural form. So, for a hunk of a husband, what has the missus got to do?

The answer is, technology!

On my way to the fruit stall outside of the subdivision, I came across a tricycle with a middle aged man driving it. As most of these drivers know the residents of the place,it was not unusual for me to strike a conversation with them.

However, this particular gigolo, suddenly made cooing sounds to somebody when there was only an old woman around --- me! Lol! I was petrified, and asked him indignantly, "To whom are you talking to? There is no one around!"

He smiled at me bemused and pointed at the gadget in front of him. It was a tablet that was snugly placed in his dashboard, and he replied, " It is my wife Ma'am. We are on Skype."

I laughed out loud that the wife had found a way of keeping track on the whereabouts of this "handsome" fellow. Believe me, I could not have thought of that in a million years!



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