Friday, May 15, 2015

Flores de Mayo in Almanza - Kiddie Version

The Flores de Mayo has started in our subdivision
 with kids as Reina Elenas and Sagalas

The Flores de Mayo season has started as I saw a kiddie parade outside of the subdivision this afternoon. The kids were dressed in dainty finery and made to look like little misses. They were accompanied by their mom, dad, kuya, ate, bunso, and friends. I can't help but stop, and take pictures as the little tykes strolled along.

It was a parade where the kids have all the fun, with everybody gawking and cheering at them. I can only look at the small ones, probably enduring the walk and the heat of the midday sun. I saw some mothers fanning their children and wiping the perspiration from their faces. 

This little girl was accompanied by her brothers holding an arc. She saw me with my camera, so she posed to have her picture taken. Such a pretty miss! Her mom would only be too proud to have such a cheeky daughter.

I can only laugh when I saw this little lady arranging her gown for a better fit. Her over solicitous escort was only too willing to assist. I looked at her clunky footwear and wondered on how she can walk with that. Well...

I waved at this pretty little miss to stop awhile so I can take her picture. She was too gracious to look back and give me that pretty smile. Meanwhile, her brothers were shouting with each other so they don't drop the fancy arc while walking.

I looked at this cute sagala and wondered why my kid wasn't able to join in parades like this one. Well...well...I can just imagine the little tot asking me to carry her. She doesn't like to take long walks. I could only imagine fanning her as she doesn't like the heat, either. I would have loved to see her in this flowery dress, though.



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