Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Time: On My Way to Buy Parol Blinkers

It is Christmas time, and everybody is out and about to do some last minute shopping.

While on the way to Almanza Hardware to buy electrical wires, plugs and blinkers for our parol, I saw a man grabbed the bag of one pedestrian along the highway.

It was a group of three to four kids who were on the way to Southmall. They attracted a lot of attention from passers-by as they were in skimpy shorts, tight pants, and see-through blouses.

It was just a matter of seconds when I first saw them, that a man grabbed the bag of one of the kids. Nobody was able to do anything as the man ran across the street and jumped on a waiting motorcycle.

It was fast and I was not even able to take pictures of the incident. That kid might have only around P100 on her bag as she was crying that it was what was left of her allowance for the week.

Parols along St. Joseph in Las Pinas


Please do not wear clothes that calls attention to yourself while gallivanting around. Moving unnaturally like, screaming, shouting, and laughing while on the streets would not get you the kind of attention that you want. You would only attract the criminal elements that abound during the Christmas season.

Also, never wear high heels while commuting. It looks funny when you walk along the uneven pavements/and or streets of Las Pinas. Doing so would most likely make you an easy target of snatchers and hooligans.

Note: Pictures of Las Pinas lanterns along the highway of St. Joseph. I was there this afternoon to buy blinkers for our parol. The selection of parols are awesome!

Price ranges from a few hundreds to several thousands of pesos


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