Monday, August 18, 2014

Supermoon and Heavenly Apparitions

The Supermoon Phenomenon

The Supermoon was coined in 1979 by Richard Nolte, an astrologer which describes the occurrence when the Moon is at its nearest point to the earth. What results is a phenomenon that is seldom seen --- an eerily large moon whose brilliance is about 30 percent more than the ordinary full moon. 

There are strange beliefs that scares some people--- that since man and other living things are mostly made up water, the gravitational pull of the moon may cause the body to react negatively. They fear that it may exacerbate the lunacy and weird behavior in people and other living creatures. Hence, the occurrence of the Supermoon, which happens from four to six times in a year makes people extremely scared. 

The last extreme occurrence happened in March 19, 2011 and the supermoon in 2014 is not expected to be as brilliant as this last known occurrence. 

Supermoon Photos by a Neophyte Photographer

I woke up early --- at around 1 to 2am on August 10 to take pictures of the Supermoon. When I focused my Nikon S100 camera on the bright moon, I got amazed by its brilliance in the dark sky. The moon was brighter than anything that I ever saw.  There were dark spots, that was seen through the naked eye and it looked very eerie.

When I took my first shot, I got surprised that what came out was the number “7.” I must have moved the camera at an angle, but seeing a brightly lighted number seven in the sky was a most humbling experience. Being God-fearing, I felt that the Lord Almighty must be giving me a sign.

Many friends said that it was God’s number which meant --- perfection or completion. I tried to understand what it really meant, fearing that it may be something ominous. Maybe, God was telling me that I have to do another endeavor or that my work on earth is already complete. Oh, how morbid!

Holy Almighty One! I am far from the finish line and I still have lots of things to do. I hope, that what it really means is another line of work that I have to concentrate on.

What happened on that day?

In the Philippines, one city suspended operations in the locality because of the high tide. Nonetheless, no other incidents like volcanic eruptions or of lunatics prowling the countryside or the city were reported. It was business as usual. 

Well, I hope it stays that way!


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