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Old house in the town with the Philippine flag, in observance of Independence Day 

Pila is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark by the Philippine Historic Institute in May 17, 2000. The town was cited as the center of culture and trade during the pre-Hispanic era and considered as one of the country's oldest town.

The Municipal Government or the Munisipyo

The  local municipal goverrnment is situated near the town plaza.It was renovated a few years back and depics the olden structure look, which is typical of the place. Buntings surround the buiding in preparation for the June 12 Philippine Independence Day.

The town plaza
The town plaza is at the center of commerce, church and the local government.Rustic and olden houses surround the area. The place looks like a trip to the olden days, where time stood still.

The plaza is  infront of the school - Liceo de Pila. 
The secondary school --- Liceo de Pila is just across the town plaza.Iterant vendors selling street foods and fruits are found near the school. The court serves as a recreation area for kids to play basketball.

Historic houses  that are well-preserved still exist in this town

Going to this place is like a walk back to the turn of the century. Olden houses can be found along the main thoroughfare and in the secondary streets of the town.

Mode of transportation --- jeepneys and tricycles

Jeepneys ply the streets and tricycles go to the innermost barrios and sitios. However,new developments were introduced--- like having a 7-11 store and a Mercury Drugstore at the center of the town. Let us hope that no other modern structures are added to destroy the quaintness of the place.

The plaza as school playground

The plaza is used as recreation area by students of nearby schools. You can see them playing volleyball and badminton. Some use it as a study area --- doing their assignments and discussing school activites.

The small town of Pila, Laguna is pulsing with activities.It is full of life and grandiosity like any grand old dame of the pre-war era!

It i just a bus trip away Come and visit!



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