Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Women of Pila, Laguna

Women Vendors in Pila,Laguna

The Women of Farmfolks

Pila, Laguna is a small town of different types of women from various region in the Philippines.

My long time sidekick is a 70 year old Ilocana, fondly called Manang Belen by everybody. She is a comic and a hard worker, as Ilocanos are known for.

The 70 year old sidekick, dancing the macarena

If there is a war, you could not think of a better ally than this irrepressible woman. In an armed combat, this spunky old woman, would come prepared in a full battle gear of bolo and balisong --- ready to stand by your side. You can say, that she is Gabriella Silang come to life.

Gabriela Silang of the South,Manang Belen

When I said that I wanted to take her photo, she jumped out of her chair and danced the macarena --- to everybody's consternation! What a comic! She laughed out loud, and said, that she can still do a mean cha-cha and beat everyone!

Maple, is a young mother of 19, from Dumaguete, and is about to give birth to another child in four months time. Her mother, Wilma, is the wife of the family caretaker, Willy. She is a refreshing present whenever I am around.

Maple, 19 year old mother

At the Patio Sophia of the town proper, are several women who sells fish in tamarind, and; shrimps, taro leaves, and dulong in coconut milk. You can buy these viands from  P10 to P50. Salted eggs are sold cheap at P10 a piece.

What an exhilarating trip to the south --- as always!


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