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Home Gardening in the City of Metro Manila, Philippines

Home Gardening in the City

Home gardens in Metro Manila subdivisions usually consist of landscaping with expensive plants and decors that is meant to please the eyes. I love gardens, especially those with intricate designs and  cascading waterfalls.

However, the inner me, longs for something different. I like to plant veggies and herbs that I can eat, freshly picked from the garden. Though I like to look at flowers, they need not  be expensive for me to appreciate them. The burst of vibrant colors is a feast to my eyes, regardless of price.

I bought some seedlings (5 in 1 pack composed of eggplant, squash, lady fingers, and okra) at Ace Hardware and bought planters from the nearby  "P10 pesos stall " in the highway, near our place.

The small pots cost me P10 each, and the bigger ones at P25. Since we don't have enough loamy/garden soil, I bought 25 sacks more from the Greeneries in the next subdivision of Pilar Village. It costs me from P35 to P50 a sack, inclusive of delivery charges.

Since I plan to eat my produce, I was hesitant to use chemical pesticides for pest control. The outcome is that, around 20 percent of my plants were ravaged by pests. I decided to buy a small bottle of pesticide (Kilabot)for P200, and sprayed twice using  a half teaspoon with a liter of water ---with good results.

They look alright now and I took photos of the plants early this morning.

My plants are in planters for lack of space

This plant, a cactus, caught my fancy. I like looking at its fatty leaves and the robustness of the entire plant. I got it for P40 and it's a bargain!

One other plant that I am so happy about, is this multi-colored chili plant (white and violet). I got it cheap at P40  at Alabang Market, and I just keep on staring at it every morning. I don't think I will eat it. Looking gives me more pleasure than the idea of devouring it with my chili con carne.

This beauty looks so dainty that I had to buy it. Cost?  P25 at Alabang Market


Two days ago, I was able to buy some more plants at the Alabang market. There is this lady selling different kinds of plants near the fish section. I saw nice looking daisies with a triple array of flowers and I wanted to buy it. But at P200 a plant, I decided to buy the planters (without flowers) instead, which I got for P25 a piece.

caught sight of these little plants with miniature flowers and loved it instantly. It is multi-colored: yellow, orange, and pink. I got these for P10 a piece on Alabang Market.

Dragon plants that would need replanting in bigger drums alongside other plants in the pathway
Pechay galore! I have eaten some of them...added to century tuna. Yummy!


Metro Manila is a city on a fast lane. Nothing can be more enjoyable than having plants  and greeneries around you. Nothing compares to seeing things grow - right in your own home. It is akin to seeing one's money multiplying several times over, like the plants that we tend and grow  in our own backyard.

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