Sunday, August 24, 2014


Food Cravings of the Elderly

I often wonder why my 79 year old mother always craves for food. But if you give her food, she would just nibble on it. She is a picky eater, so I often wonder why this incessant craving for food.

I am not big on food either, as I eat whatever is within my reach. If hungry, I drink coffee, eat a banana, or any food that's just nearby.

I don't have cravings nor do I go out of my way  to eat a particular kind of  food. My mom's incessant food demands that she won't even eat, makes me go crazy. I can't understand it and makes me go ballistic --- just like this morning.

I say to her, that we buy biscuits and fruits and put them in a table near her. If she gets hungry, she can just grab anything she likes and munch on it as much as she wants.

I don't think that she is even hungry, and these demands are just her psychological need for attention.  I think, that as you get older, food becomes unimportant. It  simply becomes a means to drive  the hunger pangs away.


It finally dawned on me that my mom's urgent need for food early in the morning, is so she can feed her cats! Whoa! I now realized that taking care of an elderly parent, would also include feeding her pets of three cats and a dog!

Now, go tell that to the birds! :D

Photo credit: by Surfeliper/Public Domain CCO


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