Sunday, January 3, 2016


I am given a special request to write about live streaming. It’s still on my queue and I am just staring at it. The gray area does not want to work anymore. I am tired. I just like to hang loose and do some bubbling. I am too fed up with the techie stuff. It is nice to do something different and lighthearted like this post.

With just four days away, preparations for family celebrations are now in full gear. Everybody is abuzz --- going to and fro, finalizing the last minute details before D-Day. They don’t include me anymore in the preparations. The last time they did, I chopped the “litson” (roasted pig) into small portions and gave it away for the squatter families nearby. After that fiasco, I am out of the most menial task in the kitchen.

So, here I am staring at the blank computer screen, cranking my head to write about live streaming. But nothing comes out. Only nothingness and a blank space.


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