Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FIRE DRILL IN METRO MANILA---Alabang, Muntinlupa City

South Station In Alabang, Muntinupa smoking like crazy


I was on my way to the farm, last Friday, July 24, when I saw the nearby building in Alabang smoking like crazy. I got worried, only to realize that there was a scheduled fire drill in Metro Manila on that day.

It looked like the real thing. But people were not paying any mind to it.

The ordinary Pinoys, like the cigarette vendors on the streets, shouted, "Oh, Ma'am, they are just driving out the mosquitoes--- so we see smoke!"

Smoke increased in intensity after a few seconds

I could only laugh at myself on how we, Filipinos, see humor in every situation --- like a fire drill. There's another one scheduled for an earthquake drill. I wonder how the Pinoys would take it this time.

I hope they don't play dead to mess everything up! This quaint Pinoy attitude is what we call --- "usisero." It is the locals unabated predilection of poking their noses at everything, even if they are not wanted.



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